Think my medicine drove me crazy last night

Last night i couldn't sleep at all and had a lot of restlessness. It was awful. I felt unwell too. The depressing thoughts came into my mind and how i was just compromising my whole life and how I'm sick of it all. I hate myself. I hate my life too. I will call my doctor's office this morning to set an appointment as soon as possible because i can't take this anymore.

I also woke up this morning with a pretty bad nose bleed which never happens to me, maybe its a symptom of the medicine because i took it late yesterday and skipped the day before but it doesn't matter because the medicine does NOT WORK. So it doesn't matter. I'm changing meds. So looks like I'm gonna have another depressing day😩

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  • Thank you💜😊

  • Hi Vonnah please see a doctor. Whatever you need to do to help yourself, do it! Don't delay cos you may deteriorate,without you even realising. If you need support, I'm here.

  • Aww, thanks💜 yeah i set a appointment yesterday for monday! I can't wait. I am in the need for help. I feel crazy. Having pcos is half of that too unfortunately 😪

  • Extreme stress and/or anxiety can cause nose bleeds.

  • Are you serious?!?! Well that explains it.....😰😰😰😰

    So how exactly?????😱

  • Feel better

  • Thank you😘

  • I do feel much better today and haven't took it today😌

  • Well I'm glad your feeling better I know how you feel some of those RX drugs the docs would give me would drive me nuts with crazy feelings that's why I dislike them so much

  • Yeah well dang what are we supposed to do? What if none of them work on me? Or any of us whose struggling every single day?😰

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