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Having difficulty

I just joined and i want to reply to peoples posts but i cant figure out how.

Ive been depressed with severe anxiety x 20+ years. My phsychiatrist in FL finally got me on effective meds and i was happy.

I had to move to VA to care for my mom. No doctor will prescribe what i was on x15 years. They all claim "liability issue" so i found a nurse practitioner who 1st prescribed clonopin with my prosaac and seroquel and added propanolol (bp med) for the sudden heart racing and physical symptoms of anxiety. She told me it would take a week. A week later i was worse. The clonopin didnt feel like it was helping my anxiety and head issues...i cant stop thinking about my fears and all the negatives in my life. This way of thinking debilitates me. I get so afraid and then the panic arrives.

I saw her after 3 weeks reporting my anxiety was the same or worse but a new problem started....i cant get out of bed. I cant get myself to leave the house. I told her i couldnt afford insurance anymore and i wanted to change the seroquel to some other sleep med. She decided against and added buspar! To my already 40mg prozaac. I dont feel clonopin is working. I think its putting me in zombie state. I dont want to be on a blood pressure pill as my BP is fine.

I hate this woman. But according to my PCP...all psychiatrists are going to treat my condition similarly.

I have no job. I live with my mother. Im 45 and ive lived. My battle daily is chosing between life or death. I am nothing to this world. I contribute zero. I have no friends now that ive moved to VA and i cant tolerate living off my mom.

Im feeling helpless

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Hi Nkdillon,

I am sorry hear that things are not working out as well as they should.

If you cannot have a good working therapeutic relationship with the nurse practitioner, you will not have a good outcome i.e. it will be you who suffers not her. Tell her the problem again (maybe write them down) and how this makes you feel. Ask for a response. If not to your liking and you still think it won't work, you have the option of trying someone else.

I would say that your PCP is also not correct. Not every mental health practitioner will prescribe the same medication. Each MHP has different training, years of experience and clinical judgements based on the patients they have treated. Also some are better than others, deciding with you what you might like to try after giving you the pros and cons to consider.

Remember, YOU are the patient so you have the right to refuse to take something or find a second opinion.

Go well

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Crap isn't it, so sick of being sick,


Blackcat is right! Not every psychiatrist is going to think exactly like this woman. Go ahead and get someone else. Keep trying until you get the meds that make you feel like yourself again.

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