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Are we not allowed to mention Jesus on here? I think it’s a shame if not because spirituality certainly can help with healing IMO. If not Jesus then can’t we at least say “God”

I understand that some religious people can come off as preachy and judge mental however I think mentioning God can be done tactfully as not preachy as well.

God bless! 🙂

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I see people talking about god all the time on hear. Including myself.

Religion can be a serious trigger for some of us, and to try to push personal religious beliefs on others is not appropriate for a support group made up of people of different cultures and personal environments.

Also -- Encouraging people to not take prescribed medications by saying "meds are bad" is irresponsible and dangerous. I do not believe anyone here is qualified to give medical advice unless they are an M.D. or M.O.

I hope the administrators will keep monitoring for people who seek to promote religious beliefs in this group, and delete or deactivate such attempts.


Right on to this post.

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I'm not opposed to religion, but most of the time, when a personal religion or religious ideas are promoted or pushed, the discussion escalates into something derogatory. I've already seen this happen, and most groups like this restrict or do not allow posts that are overly-religious so that everyone can feel safe. Religion can quickly become a volatile topic.



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If you click on the blue writing at the top of your screen where it says 'read more' (you might need to refresh the page) all the admins names will appear.


If you click where I said you will see all the admins names.

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The purpose of admins is to adminster the site. They don't usually take much part in it. That is not part of their function.

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They can and do if they choose to.


Been on this venue for a number of months now, but I learned by accident.

They pay close attention or certain issues, can't cover them all, but encourage members to hit the

v at bottom of posts or replies that should be brought to their attention.

Yes, you can pm them and get a message to them and they do respond

OK, you have the info now from some of us.

Check your profile site and your community list , and the photos and names appear on the right side of page I believe.

Administrators are listed and photos shown. Go to your profile site and I think you'll find them

This forum is for everyone regardless of culture, creed, or religion. Talking about your beliefs is fine but not preaching or pushing them on to anyone else. Saying that Jesus cures depression is a classic example of what is not allowed on here. x


Then hit the V tab on the post or reply, it will open a choice of anting to report the post or reply....then box with possible reasons, including "other" and space for you to explain why you are reporting the post. It's all confidential.

I understand you, they sent me a message saying that users of this app were complaining about my post regarding Jesus. I’m not sure what the guidelines are but your own belief should be that, for u and no one else!

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The guidelines are listed on the same page as the administrator's names, etc.

If u want, maybe try a Christian app or website where u can post and preach about whatever u want. On here we cannot!


No not u, I was talking to Jaco2016.

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Yes I believe that! And people with anxiety are already easily offended as it is, am I right? They sent me a message in here saying to delete my post on my profile about Jesus so I did.

Talking about how one's spiritual beliefs can be helpful may not be offensive, but it crosses the line, in my opinion, when someone claims a miraculous healing of an illness because of a divine personage, and then says that if others will follow this same religious idea, they can be cured as well. This is dangerous to think some people can stop taking their medication and can expect miraculous healing simply because someone makes such a claim.


Not everyone has the same spiritual or religious views. If you want to talk about your religion, there might be other sites for that.


Religious beliefs or spirituality is a very personal issue and one that doesn't belong here. There are lots of topics that are relevant here, however, mentioning religion isn't right.


Thank you everybody for your comments.

Religion is a personal topic and is not appropriate for this forum.

We're closing this thread.

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