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Feeling lonely

I seem to feel lonely and alone when the afternoon rolls around. I get this yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach and then the negative thoughts come creeping in. I hate when I feel like this. Of course it didn't help that I just laid on the couch all day but I had nothing to do. What do you do to occupy your time when it's just yourself? It would be nice to have friends to do something.

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Watch telly, read a book, google, go for a walk, any hobby. There are lots of things you can do by yourself which are thoroughly enjoyable. If you want friends then you have to go out and make some. Is that an issue for you? x


Thank you for the suggestions. I do have a hard time meeting people. I am very shy. I also have anxiety and that can make it difficult to meet people.


I get that horrible lonliness at night particularly at bedtime. its horrible. Thank god iv got meds 2 take at night. Take care


I take nighttime meds too so I can sleep.

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I have been very shy growing up especially with a bad stutter. I totally understand the feelings that you're going through because I had them myself .The job I have now I am forced to go out and talk to people call people I have never spoken to before or meet them and that's very stressful and anxiety ridden. But I have found coping mechanisms to help me work my way through

You will find someone one day who will help you work though your shyness and have the patience for you.

Do you have anything that interest you any hobbies?

can you go out exploring finding nature trails go birdwatching there are really nice bike trails out there.


Their are nature trails and a park where I live but lately I have been feeling a little anxious or feeling blah to go out. Thank you for your encouragement.


You just got to go out and do it yes force yourself but you will be thankful and grateful for it later

Do you do breathing exercises to help you cope?

the gloomy weather does not help at all with it


You are right! I have to get out and enjoy the outside. It is hard when the weather is bad. I do deep breathing and grounding techniques. I even put an ad on CL for a walking buddy.


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