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Hi everyone Im New around here. Looking for others the Same as me. I recently started therapy but need to know theres other the same. My fiancee says I'm just crazy an need to stop my shit. 😒 I'm 29 Work Full Time and a Fulltime mom of 4 i was diagnosed with Major Depression and Anxiety along with i forget the word-grief in other words still griving the loss of my father. Thanks everyone.

This is Me. Trying to smile but inside I'm dying

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I'm sorry about your father. You have every right to grieve and feel the way you do and there is no need to hide your emotions. The best way to get over this is to go through it. I'm feeling anxious right now too but I have no choice but to accept and carry on. I know it's not a good feeling...good luck to you

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I wish you luck as well. Many of us have lost family members which is very difficult and brings up a lot of emotions, good and bad. Your fiancée doesn't sound helpful or compassionate by telling you to "stop your shit." That's not understanding at all and I wouldn't be in a hurry to marry this man.


Welcome and your not alone

There are plenty of people here like you

I'm sorry you are dying inside

I'm sorry for your loss

Not having your fiancée supporting you must make it worse

You need to find the right coping mechanism and people like us to support you

Your a mom and beautiful looking so you have so much to live for

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