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Seeking Information to help others with Depression and Anxiety

I am currently a student trying to learn as much as I can about depression and anxiety so I can help others that are dealing with the same issues. I am interested in finding out about the medical, mental health and psychosocial issues that group members are experiencing on a daily basis. I would also like to know what are some things that help decrease your symptoms of depression and anxiety. What are the benefits of being in an online support group. Also, how long have you been in the group and how helpful has the group been for you. I look forward to corresponding with the group and welcome any feedback.

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Perhaps you need to do a questionnaire or read the posts. There is loads on this website if you care to look through it


Thanks Goldie, I appreciate your feedback. I have read and responded to a few post. I would like to correspond with some of the members to get a more personal view.


I'm afraid I'm rather cynical as I note you've only been on this site this afternoon for the first time.

The answers to your questions are here if you care to do the searches.


The first question is why do you want to know? is it part of a course you are doing? Is it for yourself or someone else. Is it for personal gain or a link to another site trying to sell something? I have reported this to our admins as we have to be careful of spam on here. Not saying yours is but the admins need to make a decision on it. x


I am taking a class on trauma and counseling so it is for professional purposes. Like I stated in my introduction post, I am trying to learn more about depression and anxiety so I can help others. I feel that I have a lot to offer to the group and want to be supportive to those that want to correspond with me. I have experienced depression and even though I am not depressed at this time I do see a therapist on a monthly basis. I certainly understand your concern but I can assure you that I am not trying to sell anything.

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