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New and looking for support

Hi everyone, I came across this support group while looking for self help articles. I recently stopped taking my anxiety meds and was doing well for a month and then I had a bad break up and my panic attacks came right back...my other issue is that I've never worked through my last few heart breaks so it's all coming down on me hard...I've dropped weight, sleep ok but wake up with panic...basically just hoping to find someone who can relate Bc I feel like I've tapped out my friends An family at this point 😞

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Hi Cpsc116,

You are most welcome here. We can lend an ear or drop a line of advice.

Since stopping medication, it will take a few more weeks for them to work again so perhaps you can find a therapist for some counseling support to get you through this tough moment.

If you would like some self-help tips we can work on that too :)

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Hi blackcat, I do have a therapist and I've been managing ok. I find that breathing techniques don't do too much for me but I'm trying everything. My main issue is I work with my ex so I'm triggered daily by seeing him.


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