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Newbie looking for support


I'm new to this blog. I'm looking for answers. I've been suffering with anxiety about 13 years. I had a couple of serious childhood accidents as a child and got physically abused. I watched my mother get beat up so many times by my dad. I've done all the therapy so I'm ok with my past. My body is not....... I do not have a handle on the anxiety right now. My poor amygdala has been too insulted. Just thinking about leaving the house gets me anxious. I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm so dreading the stress. I'm fighting but there comes a time when you have to accept your fate. I believe mine is disability. Anyone else experience this and if so, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there, I was emotionally abused by my parents as a child, I can only imagine how awful it must’ve been for you, I’m so sorry. My pdoc and I are always talking about my overactive amygdala too, so it’s nice to hear someone else mention it. I had to apply for disability back in 2013, because my depression and anxiety were so bad I couldn’t hold down a job. Luckily my grandfather was willing to help me financially, but unfortunately I still deal w the anxiety and depression. The best advice I can give is to try to find someone to talk to about your current troubles to see if it helps. I wish you the best!

I'll make an appointment with my counselor. My 83 year old psychiatrist educated me about the amygdala. Pretty amazing! It helped me to understand my brain.

I'm getting ready to go to work and I'm freaking out. Any suggestions?


Take slow deep breaths in through your nose then out through your mouth! I find this to be very helpful!!! Wishing you nothing but the best!!! Love & Hugs!!!

I am dealing with the same question. You seem very informed about brain science and how trauma has impacted you. At what point do we throw in the towel and go down the path of applying for disability?

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Exactly! I'm facing that dilemma now. I know my limitations and what is best for me. I know working is only more stress than I can handle. I have a husband who tells me everything will be ok and reminds me of the consequences if I don't have a job. He means well but it's frustrating

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