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Why can't people understand

Hi , I'm new here, but need some advise. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, and PTSD. It is keeping me from being able to work, and my husband doesn't understand. He says I need to go back to work or go to school...he says he needs my help financially...but fear is paralyzing me. The problem is he thinks it's all manipulation so that I don't have to work. And everyday is stressful, because I know he's going to ask if I looked for a job

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Hi, do you take any medication? I'm taking Effexor and it helps with my anxiety a lot. You know, maybe your husband has a point...

I can't imagine not working. Going to work keeps me busy and my mind is occupied with work instead of anxious and negative thoughts. I feel so much better when I am at work. I feel more useful and productive member of society...

So please don't dismiss this possibility. You will have to push yourself a little but it will be worth it.


Hi, I suffer from the same conditions and also Ocd and I know how difficult life can be just doing daily tasks is a major chore, I haven't been able to work for years because of the obstacles I have try an get over, if your husband doesn't suffer with these conditions then he wont fully understand just how difficult life has become for you, by stressing you out asking if youre trying to find work he will only make the situation worse as more stress means more anxiety/panic, vicious circle, you can only try and achieve small tasks at first, if youre like me and going out causes anxiety, try small walks around your area, use deep breathing if u feel anxious and distract yourself with a phone or music etc....Hope this helps :)


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