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Started off good then end up bad

So I was doing better today but you the end of the day I began to feel sad and depressed especially when my mom sent me old pics of my brother and I when were little and it brought back so many memories and emotions this November will be 20 years that my father has passed I turn 30 on the 4th and the 2 weeks later on the 18th he passed away that was my last birthday with him mind you my brother and I share the same b-day we are just 2 years apart. I buried a lot of memories and they came back today from that time period so I began to cry and my mom sent them to me cause she was laughing and reliving those moments and she then she felt sad and guilty for how they made me feel and had to reassure her that it's not her fault and I knew that her intentions were good but it was painful to know remember those were the times when my dad was around and it's been a long ago since he's been gone. Never had a father daughter dance, he didn't get to see where I'm at today and will never have him to walk me down the aisle when that time comes it makes me sad 😭 when I think 💭 about it

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I’m so sorry!! That must be so hard!! Unfortunately my father was diagnosed with cancer when I was born and passed away soon after I turned five so I don’t really remember him but.... all the same it has made everything feel different

I’m sure it’s still not quite the same too since you remember him so it makes it that much harder


Sometimes memories are tough. I had to put all of my pictures away of my kids because we moved away from all of them. I miss them so much it hurts. They are all 3 adults, and have their own places, but it was so much easier when we lived in the same town where they were raised and still live. We had to move for work. I can't hardly stand it at times. Seeing their pictures only reminds me of how much I miss them.

Hope you feel better!


Hi Ktp8789

Crying is almost always triggered by a psychologically meaningful event, this one concerning your dad. You needed a relaxed, safe space in which to process your thoughts and feelings and those of your mother which I think you have done really well.

Over the years, my therapist's mantra has been “If tears are flowing, something worthwhile is happening.” I am often reminded that tears in therapy are a good sign, indicating courage and strength, rather than weakness.


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