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Hi gang, I'm new to this site. Just wanted to check in and say I've had varying degrees of depression for as long as I can remember. However well intentioned, folks without the affliction can't understand depression arising from within our core (rarely based just on life circumstances). Does anyone know if there is a network of depression support groups on the ground; like ACA has, for instance. That would be a safe place where people understand depression on a gut level. Even my wife and therapist, kind though they are, can only relate intellectually.

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This is if you are in the US


Hi gp.and community wellbeing teams at gp surgery usually have 1 or 2 courses for people like yourself it's usually about 8 week courses once a week to 7 to 12 people it helps a lots and helps you understand conditions I have been on a few ask gp doctor if any to put you on waiti ng lists .occupational therapist should also no about them good luck


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