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Hi my name is robert and i have had severe depression and anxiety for over 20 years . I recently decided to talk to people who understand my situation . I have a daughter and am married . I still have deep depression and severe lonliness and i dont understand why . I hope i can find some answers and maybe learn from others on this site . Your new friend , rob

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Welcome! I'm somewhat new here too. In a similar situation. Hope you can get some good support here.

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Thank you it took me a while to join a group and i hope it works out so far everyone here is great.

Welcome Rob !

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Thank you

I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 20 years too. I've been on many meds and now I'm doing ECT, which has been helping. But the past week has been bad for me so I'm looking for some support. What kind of treatments have you used?

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I was on fluoxetine then my dr added cymbalta and it helps a little bit better than just being on fluoxetine . I try to get in some exercise when im not in pain .i also have fibromyalgia , spinal stenosis and nerve pain . So im always looking for better solutions . I think im doing better than i use to but it seems like somedays its not enough lol. I know ive been doing better when i talk to people thats one reason i joined this group to get ideas of better treatments and try to talk about my issues more .

Rob, I'm in the same situation but have had some luck with acupuncture the last few years. Keeps the depression quite a bit. Hope this idea helps. Wishing you the best.

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Thank you i might try that

Hi Rob, I'm also a newbie. I've felt the same way, I'm married and have 2 boys. I suffer from GAD and depression. I've been on lexapro, it definitely helps but talking to others seems to help also. So welcome :)

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Thank you

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