Hi, I'm new here. I have being struggling with shyness and social anxiety for as long as I can remember, I sweat excessively, and get a blank mind when in social situations and this is really affecting me emotionally and psychologically. I'll really appreciate it if I can get some tips to overcome this situation because I'm considering taking my own life. Thanks.

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  • Well you have come to the right place! It can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times. I just started writing on this website and it is already helping me because I know that I am not alone. Have you tried any deep breathing or counting backwards to help with the anxiety? Maybe practice talking in the mirror before you go out?

  • I have tried deep breathing,it helps me feel calm but doesn't stop the sweating.

  • How about using baby powder for the sweating?

  • Hi the best thing is if you are not sure what to say is to look interested in what others are talking about, smile, and say nothing. That's fine and people will see you as the strong and silent type. Social anxiety is eminently curable and certain'y not worth taking your life over. That's a bit of an over reaction! x

  • I suffer from the same thing on top of depression, you just have to imagine everyone else in their underwear and your talking to your best friend in the world when you get that sweating anxiety. I think about taking my life at least once a month but that's all it is a thought, I just remember the people who would really be sad because even when we feel its not there's always that one person who does and that's what I always remember when I have that feeling because I'm having it right now. But you just helped me forget it because you were in need and made remember mt calling "to help others" and i forgot all about what i was just crying about. So thank you!!!

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