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Advice on Social Anxiety


I am extremely new to this website and am not really expecting a reply but I thought it would be good to try. I haves struggled with social anxiety for years now and have never sought out help for it. I am extremely afraid of commitment to a therapist and do not want to be forced into anything I don't want to do. Social interactions aren't exactly my problem.. However, the idea of public speaking and presenting in front of a group of people sends shivers down my spine. On top of that, walking through crowds makes me so anxious that I sometimes feel as if I'll pass out. I've tried distracting myself during these anxiety-triggering situations and nothing seems to help. I have a constant fear that everyone around me is judging me and I'm not sure how to get over this without professional help. It's a slightly embarrassing disorder for me to have so I'm hoping someone can help! Thanks!

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Don't be afraid to seek help from a therapist. You only live once and why waist that time being miserable. I still battle constantly with blaming myself for the anxiety and feeling embarrassed by it. There wouldn't be a site like this if it was an uncommon condition however. I've had anxiety for 10 years now but had it under control while on meds, but about a year ago decided I didn't need them anymore. That lasted for about 6-8 months but as of tomorrow going back to see a therapist because I need the little extra help. I hope you find what works best for you.


I feel the exact same way sometimes, I'm still trying to figure out what to do, if you ever feel alone & need someone to talk to, im here just message me


Good responses already here. I can only agree with them.


Therapy has helped me for social anxiety and little exercises like you go to coffee shop for ten minutes - or whatever thing makes you anxious. Leave and come back another time and stay a bit longer this time etc also you may have panic attacks and there are very effective therapists and even medicine if you desire those paths


Your first statement I really resonated with me, "I'm not really expecting a reply". This is my constant inner dialogue in social situations or online. I'm always worried about putting my self out there because of no one replying or feeling the same as me.

With that being said, I have tried therapy afew times but they didn't have practical strategies to help me day to day. I think having someone that is trained in CBT is very important. Also, I have been on medication for 20 years. I have taken breaks from it several times but I now realize I have to have it to function. I still remember getting on meds and finally feeling a normal heartbeat, no sweaty hands, less tension in my shoulder, neck, arms, etc. Social situations are still difficult but panic attacks are very minimal. I think just doing a trial with medication for a couple months can be eye opening.

Best of luck!

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You will get replies on this site. Have you ever been on therapy?No one will make you do things you are not ready to. I have OCD so I can relate to thoughts and situations triggering my OCD. I know for me the treatment is exposure response prevention. Meaning you expose yourself to the frightening thing and try to accept the anxiety. By accepting you desensitize yourself to the scary situations. Easier said than done. I have done some of it and it was helpful. But I need more. There are treatments for your anxiety, you have to decide if you want to. Are you on meds? I don't know if that would be nessessary,but you could check it out. Write back.


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