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Giving it all to God

Hey everyone. Some days seem to have highs and lows and others just seem to be filled with lows. The only way I have able to make it through is with God. He is the one giving me the strength to make it through each day. I decided last week that I was tired of fighting with the demons. The only way I was going to get better was if I gave all of my worries and concerns ober to His and let Him continue to fight this fight while I rest. Some days the devil gets the vmbest of me, but I know I have God on my side and He will see me through this storm.

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That is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing that. Do you have any advice for people who may have lost their faith a little from depression and anxiety?

Sometimes my mom say..."do you believe in God?", "how come you don't go to chruch with me anymore?", and "you need to get back in the church".

I believe God has always been watching over me during my darkest times but i feel like i lost my desire in life and i just wish i could love myself the way i know He loves me. How can i strenthen my relationship with the Lord?

I personally feel like a disappointment to myself and my parents on my faith.


Hi Vonnah, let me first start by saying that realizing you have drifted from your faith is a monumental step. I think since you already realise this that it will be easier to find your way back or grow closer to God in your faith. Do something that you enjoy that is filled with the presence of God. For example that may be reading verses, listening to some of your favorite songs that you enjoyed hearing at church, watching a sermon in your pjs on your couch or in bed or if you're like me you may feel the need to write. Write about what you need to do to find your way back to God. Whatever you do to make your way back do it because it makes you happy not because others want you to find your faith again. Start out small and I promise you will feel God's presence as long as you are glorifying Him. I have a blog that I think you would enjoy.


Thank you so much, this brought tears to my eyes. I would love to read your blog. I appreciate the advice, it's exactly what i needed to hear.


You're so welcome! That's what I'm here for!


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