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Health anxiety


Am way to cautious about everything my body does I don't search Google like I use too but I do catch my self trying to make appointments for everything it all started Feb when I felt sharp pains in stomach and also in chest so in the er they ran blood work everything was good then ct scan showed lump in breast which I now know it's fibrodenoma which there not removing yet because they said is too small there monitoring too see if goes away on it's on then they found a mass in my pelvis which was a tumor in the end which by March they did surgery removed it all thank God but for now I always tend to be in fear since both those areas will have to be monitored every 6 months then I found out I have GERD and this week got very sick dizzy spells to the point I can't drive and well there they told me I have Vertigo. SO for that reason I believe am extremely aware of my body.

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You're basically describing myself. I have the same things go on with my body. I'm a major hypochondria but anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms. I hope your journey becomes easier!

Thank u so much I hope so and the same for you... msmit515

kinikia95ADAA Volunteer

You have a bit going on. No one would be comfortable with those things but health anxiety amplifies it. If they've diagnosed you with vertigo I suppose that means they've checked everything else - that's a good thing. I've struggled with vertigo off and on. It's nerve-wracking but once you know what it is you can live with it and it's benign. I'm sorry you're going through this, its pretty awful. I hope you're like me and learn to treat it as a nuisance, not fear inducing. I know it's easier said than done, but it can be done. Take care.

The er doc told me all pointed to vertigo but still wants me to see my gp and find out if it is that cuz that ct scan all came out normal. kinikia95

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That's good news.

kinikia95ADAA Volunteer in reply to Mireyaozzieg

How are you doing? My last bout of vertigo took a while to calm down and it was not fun. Lots of panic attacks that turned out to be nothing, as they usually do. Felt very real at the time tho. Being dizzy feels wrong. I was so glad when it was over.

i used to have this. i think it’s called “hypochondriac”

i know lol

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