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My anxiety has been back full force these past few months, I've been getting panic attacks 2-3 times a day which has made it so difficult to function at work. I get heart palpitations and it gets hard to breathe, and I already have a fear of hearts, so the palpitations and fast beat make me think I'm having a heart attack. I'm so scared of the next panic attack, it seems to induce them. I'm by myself in a college town, with my close family a 24 hour drive away. It gets so lonely and hopeless feeling. I hate feeling stuck, and I hate feeling out of control. It was a mess trying to find someplace that would accept my healthcare here, and once I finally did, they aren't able to take me until another month. They are the type of place where you need to be a medical patient first before they refer you to a psychiatrist or therapist. Anxiety is the most hopeless feeling thing, it feels like your brain is attacking you, and your own mind is the one thing you can't run from.

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Hi, I have been there and had taken councelling to help me through. It is tough when you are in a fight against yourself and you cannot run as you know all your weaknesses and where it hurts the most.

You dont have to answer these following questions to me, just answer them to yourself. (Or anyone you feel comfortable talking to)

What triggers panic for you? Why do you fear it? What is the worse that can happen? Is there something you think you could have done to avoid it or stop it? Has the thing that you are afraid of happened to you before? If yes, What are the chances it will happen again? What was last time you felt like this; lonely and helpless? When and where do you find most comfort? What is different between the two situations? What can you do when you feel like something bad is about to happen?

Apart from that, you can try using breathing excercises; during panic you can use a paper bag to breath in and out. You can try to do some calming meditation excercise to gain control over your mind.

Like you already said you cannot run from your mind, then dont try to. It would make it lot easier when you try to get your mind to do a healthy discussion with you.

In case you need someone to speak to until you get an appointment with a therapist or coucellor, feel free to reachout.

Take care.


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