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Hi, I'm new here, and I was just needing some advice. I struggle with anxiety every day, along with depression. Does anyone have tips or tricks they've found that help them with either, or both things? It can be anything. I'm desperate. Thank you so much.

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Good Evening,

The tricks are.. accept that you are sensitive to anxiety symptoms and depression. Some days will not be great and some days will be good. I try music, walking, exercise and just something to distract me from my current physical feelings. Medication is helpful but look into something simple first before trying anti depressants. I didnt have much luck with those.

Are you seeing a therapist? They can help walk you thru your thoughts. Sometimes I find just writing out all my negative thoughts clears my head. I think of my anxiety as a bucket. When the bucket is really full or I cant clear the bucket I feel anxious. As I begin to take items out of the bucket I feel some relief.

Lastly, as I said... Accept the anxiety and depression. Dont fear it. Acceptance and understanding are the key to recovery. Its probably the biggest step to work on feeling better.

I hope this helps. I am not perfect, by any means.. but it helps to pass it forward.

jokell13 in reply to guynfl2chat

Thank you so much for helping.


There are three major "things" that I do that help me. first and most important by miles from the other ones, is to have someone as your soundboard. For me this is my boyfriend. he is like my sniffer dog and we do this thing where we do a daily check-in of my emotional state. he asks me how I am feeling and I have to give a very exact answer. For example:

BF: - How are you feeling?

ME: - I feel calm right now, but my thoughts are already starting to centre around Monday and work. I feel a little bit negative about (insert next weekend's social event) and if i had a choice right now i would like to cancel. I don't want to get all the questions about (whatever) and that person is coming and I don't want to end up listening to their drama all night.

BF: - OK, let's not cancel yet as it is only Sunday, but let's agree that if we go, I will make sure to rescue you from that person. Let's have a plan for when it becomes too much and we can leave early. if you still feel like you don't want to go, tell me Wednesday and we will reconsider going. Now, tell me 3 things worrying you and 3 things you are looking forward to.

And so it goes. He will also tell me if he picks up any of my signs of anxiety that I may have missed. Like i stop singing in the car, I start repeating things I have already said. i don't answer my phone, check my voicemail or get messy and not pick up after myself. My point is, if you have someone who you can "sanity" check with, that is the best thing ever. It defuses the gathering storm cloud. it applies logic to your thoughts when you cannot and emotions take over.

The second this I do is to make sure I have stuff to look forward to. it is like having the next breathing hole when swimming under the ice in a lake (weird comparison I now, but that's how my depression feels sometimes.) It doesn't have to be big stuff, just stuff I like. As long as it is coming up in the next few weeks, it will take me through bad days. It can be a day out visiting some special place. It can be that special meal i will cook (I love cooking) it can be a movie, date night...whatever really.

Third thing I do is to prepare an emergency treat box for the nights I am alone. So my BF goes away in business now and then (as do I) but my big trigger is when he goes and I am left "behind". i avoid panic attacks by preparing a box (basket actually in my case) with stuff that I look forward to during the nights alone. For example I will buy a face mask, magazines I like, prep food I like (to heat up as I won't want to cook on the day), I get a new batch salt or shower gel. Basically anything you will then look forward doing, whatever that is for you. It is important that you have a plan and activities to chose from on the day so you don't have to necessarily go out and interact on a bad day. This is how it works for me anyway. If i am feeling OK, I will call a friend or even go out. But that's rare.

I hope you can find your way of keeping distracted. maybe try meditation? Try guided meditation off youtube, which I find easier than just sitting in silence. search for "TheHonestGuys" I like them. They do all sorts and they talk you through it so you can't spin away with your own thoughts. I find it quite relaxing. best of luck and let us know how everything goes! I'd love to learn new tricks too! Big Hugs Xx

jokell13 in reply to DragonTears

Thank you so much. That's so helpful. I'm definitely going to try those things.

Accepting the feeling when it's happening is hard but can help if u allow it . I have found that Laying down and relaxing the body when it's so tense and just let the feelings of anxiety come and pass can help . It's not gonna necessarily help every time but it definitely can ! I use an app called calm that I meditate with .

jokell13 in reply to RobynC

Thank you! I appreciate it so much.

I just cry. I seriously just have one of those big, ugly cries. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I can feel myself starting to well up and no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing I have to go somewhere private to cry. I really don't care what I look like afterward because inside I feel like a weight has been lifted. This isn't a solution to all of my anxiety problems but it gets me through most days.

claire0410 in reply to n1cole

This is something that I have noticed about myself as well! If I have a cry, I feel much better after. It's pretty weird. Sometimes I wish I could just cry all this anxiety and sadness away.

jokell13 in reply to claire0410

I agree!

jokell13 in reply to n1cole

Thank you for your comment! You guys are awesome!

Telisha40 in reply to n1cole

I no sometimes letting out your cry helps me alot

Push the windows open for air. Very small steps e.g pick three things up to clear up from a table. May add to this post.

jokell13 in reply to mysmugcat

Thank you, I'll try that!

I know i have anxiety and sometimes depression so u gonna have your good days and bad develop a breathing technique also changing your diet helps more fruits veggies leave the caffine alone i also downloaded games thats mind bottling so when u get figidy it takes your mind of things for a while dont lay in the bed all day go outside get some sun it helps watch a funny movie or relaxing music and a nice warm bath you want to relax as much as possibly because when your not relaxed your anxiety bothers u a car ride is good but think postive thought this to shall pass

jokell13 in reply to Telisha40

Thank you so much Telisha40!

Telisha40 in reply to jokell13

Your welcome even a cry or to helps i have talks with my mom and husband because keeping how u feel inside u have to let it out with someone u are close with even a hug or to i no what u going through sometimes it feels like no one in the world no what your going through but we do see im up now cant sleep but watching a funny movie and texting my mom until i get sleepy again one day at a time.

I get acupuncture. It helps to lighten my depression. I also take medication for both anxiety and depression. I also listen to calming meditations on an app called Insight Timer and a Yogra Nidra on YouTube.

jokell13 in reply to Gaylehh

Thank you Gaylehh!

gogogirl in reply to Gaylehh

I did not know that acupunture worked for depression. Thank you.

Gaylehh in reply to gogogirl

Acupuncture has helped me. I've also gone for group acupuncture that's cheaper, especially if it's not covered by insurance. It doesn't always help me but it lets me relax deeply. Sometimes my mood is lighter and I think just helping to remove some stress.

gogogirl in reply to Gaylehh

I wonder if it would help with guilt and feelings about some failure?

I struggle over something more specific but its anxiety and depression. I try walking, getting outside when I can. Hopefully, you can also find a couselor/group so you can share thoughts/triggers as well.

jokell13 in reply to gogogirl

Thank you!

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