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Depressed and anxiety

Hi my name is Jessica Aguilar and this is new to me I have been depressed and have anxiety so bad it's hard for me to focus on my life I always put myself last and make everyone happy before me I have beautiful kids and I love them very much. But I have so many problems with my oldest he says he hates his smaller brother my older son is 11 and young one is 5 it's a big gap but I love them both the same no difference at all and my oldest says I do. I don't no we're else to seek help I have been threw a lot and mylife is just a mess at times and at times its ok. But most the time I feel like not living anymore. I need some help some advice some help.

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Hi Jessica2012,

I hear you - how hard it is juggling kids and life in general.

The fact that you are struggling means that you re human. However, an full check up with your doctor is important, to rule out physical issues and address your mental health (the most the time I feel like not living anymore. I need some help some advice some help. statement).

Scheduling in some ME time is important to maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing. ME time includes time for activities that are must do such as visiting the doctor or dentist and others for relaxation to recharge the batteries e.g. walking, yoga or guided meditation.

At the suggestion of my psychologist, I have using a weekly planner and booking ME time appointment slots into the week, I have been able to include walks around the block in the week. It's one small change but helps a lot. I fill the planner in on Sunday night for the next week.

I found time where I thought there was none :)


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