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Walking, Meditation, Yoga, and Supplements

I want to report that I am doing much better these days having started practicing meditation and now yoga, regular walking, and taking certain supplements. I realize this won't work for everyone; but I say... give it a shot, and have patience.

I can recall little over a year ago how my ocd and anxiety and depression crippled me. It was an eye-opening experience in that it really took my life in a whole new direction. I know what it feels like to feel completely isolated from everyone and the world, even though I was right in the middle of my hectic life. I wouldn't wish the despair on anyone. As a matter of fact, after practicing meditation, I only wish hope and freedom and presence to everyone.

Walking has helped me to stay grounded and in touch with nature. Getting out under the sun and hitting the pavement or trail has a very calming effect. Give it time and it will help.

Supplements have helped balance my inner deficiencies and excesses. I am taking Holy Basil, Turmeric/Curcumin, Chamomile, and Ashwagandha. Amazing nutrients. Watch some videos on the correlation between anxiety and depression and these herbs and roots. Again, give it time and it will help.

Quitting caffeine, albeit hard, was the best thing I did health wise. You'll have the best sleep ever after quitting caffeine. Sure I miss the energy coffee would give me, so I was pleased to know that Ashwagandha gives you energy, and it won't make you crash.

Meditation and Yoga have been outstanding. Just taking time to slow down and bring your attention back to the present and out of your mind will transform your life forever. I feel confident to tell all of you this because I have experienced it. Please look up these people on the internet and youtube:

'David Ji'


'Thich Nhat Hanh'

Excellent teachers. Do yourself a favor and listen and get your life back. It is possible. But give it time.

Last but not least, disconnect from all the negative news and negative people. Turn off Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Step outside, breathe, focus on the here and now. Nothing will happen overnight, but just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. There is a better life out there, and it's in your reach.

Reach for it!

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Wow! Good for you, sometimes we need to find out what works for us and it seems like you did. I also agree with a lot of the things you said to try as I do too. I think learning a about anxiety or whatever mental health issue you are dealing with is key. Knowledge is power and once you can understand and learn about this crippled disease the better you will be able to get well emotionally.


hi david ji! I loved your post. I have also been learning mindfulness meditation, i do simple Yoga, I've cut out most dairy, and my caffeine intake is max. two cups per day. I've stopped watching the news months ago, and as well disconnected my facebook page. i have a wonderful therapist whom i see once every week or two, i am on antidepressents as my depression has been on going over 20?years and i've been hospitalised for suicidal attempts 3 times. I am 61 years old married 40 years,? 2 children 4 grandchildren, . I wish you continued health

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Sounds like you are doing Great! So happy to hear this.

In addition to depression and anxiety, I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and for the past month or so, it was bothering me every day!

First, I thought it was a side effect from a new anti-depressant I was taking so I asked my Dr to put me back on Zoloft. I has tried 2 different new ones and got different types of SIDE effects from each.

Well, even after going off that new anti-depressant, the IBS continued.

So, I started medicating each morning and, for the most part, I have been feeling a lot better.

I need to start exercising too but can't do long walks because I have a bad foot. So, my family Dr suggested bike riding (not sure since need to work on improving my balance), or exercising in a pool (swimming, water aerobics, etc).

Now THAT appealed to me, so I am looking into joining the YMCA which is close to my Dr's office!

Looking forward to feeling better for good, finally! :-)

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So great to hear as well! Keep it up! Everyone's different so once you find your groove, go with it. thanks for the reply!

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Thanks for the good information, Elativyeoj. I also just tried yoga for the first time. One thing I've realized is there are many different types of yoga practices. For instance, my doctor wanted me to start yoga to work on my breathing and mindfulness so I had to find "yin" classes where you hold a pose for several minutes at a time. It seems that there are different yoga exercises to address depression than those used to address anxiety. Since so many of us suffer from both depression and anxiety, I'd encourage people to find a good yoga teacher who can address different types of practice. Good luck!


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