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Well, today sucked. I was suppose to go to the Dr to get a blood test, but when I got there they had to send me back because I didn't have an adult with me. I didn't know you needed an adult as my GP told me to just book an appointment, I told her I didn't want my parents knowing too. But anyway, my mum and sister found out where I really was and got really annoyed at me. I felt so bad, I want to get help, but every time I do it goes wrong and it hurts my family, but not doing anything hurts me. As I thought to myself either way, I'm hurting, whether it's me or my parents, it's someone. I felt so terrible I was thinking of killing myself later today, but fortunately my friend called me and told me our friends were meeting up, so I went. She honestly saved my life.

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I'm sorry. ❤❤I'm glad you're alive tho message me if you ever want to talk


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