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Anxiety always & it is frustrating me lately


I only wanted to express this fact that my anxiety is completely nuts now. I've had leg pain in both lower extremities & it's now been mild pain in both legs. At one point it was only my right calf. I had been anxious & looked up things online & began crying & panicky & obsessed with looking up this stuff . I've visited the hospital like 3 times. I've had 2 D-Dimers negative & a Doppler negative in my right leg. & chest XRay . Then also found out I had an UTI ., given antibiotics . I'm on day 2 . Most recent visit dr check pulse in my legs & feet through ultrasound & said it was great blood flow . I'm still worried about my legs & don't know what it could be. And my UTI has my vaginal area burning or it could be the urethra ..one of those lol also pelvic cramps, period-like cramps . But what's concerning is how anxious I've gotten while having this . I'm unsure if it's because I'm getting over an infected urethra or my health anxiety . I'm driving myself nuts worrying & it's so draining . Any advice on how to cope? :/

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