Unhappy Mom :(

I'm new here..

I'm looking to perhaps talk with someone who can relate to me. I have always suffered from depression/anxiety. I am in my early 30's.I am a full time at home mom of 6 awesome kids. I'm just finding it hard to be happy. My life is very hectic and I have always one way or another learned to balance everything but lately not so much. I feel like a hopeless robot. I'm tired of faking my smile. I'm not interested in medications, I have tried that in the past. Just looking to talk to some people who can relate. Thank You

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  • Having a social outlet has been very helpful for me. I was never very good at taking care of myself but I've changed that. Kids are great but mothers need time for themselves to renew their bodies, hearts and minds I have 5 kids so I know something of what your dealing with.

    Good luck in your recovery! : )

  • It's hard to find the time. I have no real friends. My kids are my life.

  • Your user name says it all sweet friend. You need someone to pour into your life. Find a place to meet women.

    I go to an al anon meeting and church and it is great! The women are caring and non judgmental.

    I hope you find someplace to get plugged in. I'm sure your carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

  • Thank you for your kind words. I try to stay positive but find it hard to a lot lately more then usual. My children range from 13yrs old to 2mths old. Their sports/hobbies and soon back to school keep us extremely busy.

  • Your welcome mommy. Your kids won't suffer if you take some time for yourself. In fact, they will benefit from it because YOU will feel better!

  • First I don't know how you do it. My anxiety and perfectionism when my two kids were younger made me so resentful. Congrats on getting through every day!

    These days friends come in all forms, I have friends who live near me but I never see, they are fun and supportive through texts and maybe the occasional phone call... no one likes feeling alone. You definitely need to find just one thing you really want to do for yourself and make the promise to make it happen once a month at least. If you can do it more than that do it. Start with something, your bucket needs to be filled too!!!

  • Nine kids26 down to 7. This issue is challenging of course! Your kids are still very young! Very! My oldest is expecting her third and she attends a Mops group at a church and has made friends there who understand the pressures and relentless needs of kids and maybe husband too! Lol. I do believe she goes to the park with several regularly now and that right there has relieved stress. I so remember the days with my last three, affectionately called Bing, Bang and Boom by me. Those aren't their names..... Every day survival. Do you get help with bedtime and meal time? I requested my husband to be there as much as possible during those times as bedtime we are so longing for them to be asleep so there is some quiet. Help with bedtime routine. Routines really help tremendously to help kids know what is next without wondering.

    Are there any outlets who might provide you with some meals? Church? If anyone asks what they can do to help, having a meal prepared is something which relieves a lot of stress? Does your husband cook?

    Just thinking out loud here. I am contemplating buying a ticket to fly to daughter's over Labor Day weekend as her husband's work leaves her at home a lot at night and baby three is due this month.

    You are welcome to write anytime! I can't always respond immediately but I hear you on the loneliness and it's challenges. Hugs!!!!

  • Hello and welcome. May I ask what country you live in?

  • USA

  • I was thinking of the sports driving too. Car pooling possible? There is a car pool ap too. I can't possibly go to all my kids stuff and had to give up my ideal of doing that so I didn't lose my mind. More hugs.

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