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If you were to ask me if I accomplished anything this weekend, my honest answer to you would be no, (unless web surfing and movie binging are true accomplishments). I always do nothing with myself, yet I want to do something of my life. I always push people away, yet I crave affection... Time is too fast and I'm moving too slowly, yet I don't have the will to keep up with time.

My psychologist once told me "you look like you wouldn't care if there was a ticking grenade in this room"

And right now, I really wouldn't care.

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I'm right there with you honestly. Lately by the way my anxiety had been flairing up it's enough to work 8 hours a day. After that I don't want to do anyThing except watch tv, nap, relax. I haven't always been like this AT ALL but for the time being that's how I am.


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