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My mom has type 2- diabetes.

Congestive heart failure.




Retaining fluid. ( her stomach because if he fluid is huge, her legs ache because of fluid.)

She has a drink problem as well.

She hasn't knowledge the fact that she needs help with the drinking. She doesn't have a job she doesn't have any money she's going broke. She doesn't want help. She blames everyone for her problems. How do you make someone get help? What do I do... what does my family do? She's a rotten person.

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You can never give up on them. I have 3 addicts in my life and 2 of them didn't make it through there addiction. One of the ones who didn't make it, his problem was drinking.

They have to want to get help, and that's almost impossible because they do not see the problem. Addiction is blinding. I think a family intervention would be good. Showing her how serious the problem is and how much everyone loves her may help.

I really hope y'all find something that helps.


I agree with Depression1996. You have to love her through it. You say she's a rotten person but you're here asking for advice so you haven't totally given up; that's good. It's impossible to say here without our knowing her. Maybe she's lashing out and blaming others because she's so overwhelmed with the complete mess she's gotten herself into that she's afraid and doesn't know how to respond? Maybe she says she doesn't want help (but really does) because she can't imagine getting through the day at this point if she gives up the drinking. If you're in the UK (I'm just guessing since you said "drink problem" instead of drinking) here's a link to al-anon page that may give you some ideas: al-anonuk.org.uk/ I wish you well. Oh, I just peeked at your profile and you're in the US: al-anon.org/

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For diabetes which I know a bit about because I grew up with a sister who has it and have a son with it. Make her meals that are high fiber low carb and veggies. Stay away from sugary fruit which is most fruit all bran bars are amazing and water Will bring her sugars down along with a walk. Chicken and fish not fried sweet potatoes and carrots simple meal but high fiber low carb and low sugar. Swelling is also connected with diabetes if she wears socks get her diabetic socks. Don't give her money give her what she needs to get healthy. And when she plays the blame game listen there is always a reason behind it and she probably knows it's her own fault but doesn't know how to fix it. Don't walk away from her show her you love her by putting up with her and challenge her by getting her a step counter to see if she can beat your steps per day. Get her moving and the difference she will feel May help with everything. Tables are turned and your the parent now.


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