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New Here:(

Trying this online thing since that seems to be the closest thing available to support.

I live 30 mns outside of atlanta and hate driving into the city. And as much support i feel i need, i wouldnt want to drove 30+ mns to get it each time...

Im in my late 20s Hitting my 3rd trimester and, (sigh) i feel completely lost. And i can barely stand long enough to work a shift and people are downright mean. (customers)

Im at risk of losing my car because i cant keep up with payments and Although they SAY im an "expedited case" when it comes to SNAP &TANF, itll be almost a MONTH and i still havent heard back. Calling is no use. Every button i press sends me to VM unless i needed "leap" (funny how an actual live person answers THAT button) and all they do is transfer me back to the automated.

Im so exhausted emotionally and physically. I dont know what to do with myself...

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I'm the exact same age as you and have similar problems with having to drive to help. I hate driving and driving in the city is terrifying for me. But that's where all the meetings are held so I have been trying to push myself to go. I'm just so paranoid when I'm in a car. It's like putting your life in other drivers hands.

I quit my job in January and haven't been able to work a real job since. I have found out how to make money online but it is very random and minimal. Customers were the worst. Seeing how everyone acts to each other kills me. Seeing old people makes me so sad. I have been thinking when I do work I am going to try to work alone or away from consumers.

Do you have any other means of financial support for your car?


Driving the highway terrifies me. Reminds me of FastNFurious. Smh.

Im trying to switch to an Online career as a transcriptionist. (fingers crossed) its just not that cheap to even start it but, its a sacrifice ill have to make.

And no, no other means. Ive contacted someone through my insurance to help be an advocate for me when it comes to getting what i need. I hope theyre able to make a difference.

How have you been able to make money online? Im on the swagbucks website almost everyday trying to rack points.

and i agree with working alone and such but im going to try my hardest to do OTHER things to get me out into the world. Id end up locked in my house too much like i did when i was younger...


I use to use some programs to watch market trends on eBay. The programs basically guide you on what to sell. It is very random money. Which is why I stopped and am looking for other ways to make money online. I hope to find something that is actually steady and less risky then the things I have found. I have had friends who have had luck with forex. So I looked into that. Still a little to risky for me. If I find something I feel is secure I will let you know.

For sure keep us updated on how you are doing :)

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My bad I realized I read one of your comments wrong. I misunderstood your age. I'm 20.

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:) its alright


Hi sweetheart, you remind me so much of my daughter. She lived in Riverdale (3 years ago). Thankfully she had good health insurance through her father's Affordable Care Act but had a lot of difficulty with other benefits designed to give an extra leg up to low-income folks working full time - Georgia seems to have issues. Worked at one of those home improvement places up until she gave birth at 22. She stood all day and grown men would watch her load lumber in their car at 5 ft tall and 8 months along. People are a trip. I would think customers would be nicer to you. I'm glad you're here. What are you doing to relax? My girl ended up with preclampsia (sp?) and I don't want to see that happen to you. How can we help?



Fear of mine.

Mine is more on the fear of how emotional I am that it'll harm the baby but they say it shouldnt.

I was told it takes 30 Days for the state to make a DEcision on ebt/tanf but how can they call that expedited??

Seeing a life coach rep next week. Told her everything that's going on and the help I need. Although I prefered a case manager, ANY help would be great.

Been looking at non profit orgs to help me on the financial front without much luck


I think they're right. You're young and healthy. I had several panic attacks while preg, walked for miles, and unfortunately was homeless for 3 months. she came out just fine. They didn't have the resources back then that they do now and I had gotten myself into a real mess. Now Im just an old lady that doesn't like to see young pregnant girls exert themselves :) it's so great that you get to see a life coach! Yes, look for those nonprofits!

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Hello...you remind me of me! When I was 24 (I'm 40 now) I had my first child and I was severely depressed and alone. My roller coaster of emotions did have an impact on my pregnancy and baby. I had preterm labor at 20 weeks, an emergency cerclage placed but my baby was still born at 28 weeks. She was strong though, weighing 3lbs 12 oz and breathing on her own thank God!! We made it through with no lasting issues! Today that baby is 16!! 6'1 and drop dead gorgeous!! I love her very much!! But during my pregnancy I had some rough days! I worked until the doctor said I couldn't. Good thing was that by then, I had already bought enough baby stuff for the first 2 years of her life minus formula! I didn't have very much support...no friends and I was so tired of being judged by family that I secluded myself from everyone. Not to mention the father was cruel said the worse things to me so for my own sanity, I cut off contact. The best advice I can give you is to pray! Pray for yourself and baby and your doing the right thing by trying to line up help for yourself. I was able to live with my mom but she didn't provide any emotional support or anything. Do yourself a favor and only surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. Keep your head up, things will get better.

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Although it was rough ...very rough for you in the beginning, I'm very glad she turned out well!

Yes. Prayer is all I can do


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