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Help me

Hi I am glad to finally get on a site so I can talk to other people like me I have PTSD agoraphobia and severe anxiety I have been sick for a long time and I knew it but I wanted to fight it and continue living my life I even got mad a other woman who complained about getting molested and raped and abused because it all happened to me but I kept it to myself I was abused and molested by both of my parents my step father mostly I was teased and beaten in school because the kids hated me I was taken way from my family because of the abuse and had to go live with my grandmother who also abused me by beatings after that I went back to live with my family who really hated me now because I had to tell about the abuse and I was tied to a chair and beaten for telling at age 18 my boyfriend who I trusted held me down and stole my virginity without my permission and I ended up pregnant after I had my baby my family kicked me out of the family and took my baby from me I was set up by my boyfriend at the time to be raped by him and his four friends another boyfriend beat me for three years everyone I come in contact with starts out to be my friend but they always end up stabbing me in the back I just got dumped by two men in a row and now the last man that dumped me is harassing me to have sex with him he says he don't want me he just wants sex I won't do it so he won't stop stalking me he won't leave me alone and now I find out my son hates me too i thought i was strong enough to deal with all this but when I found out that my son hated me too I got severely sick I had lost both of my children i tried to move on with my life but there was a void it was hard but I dealt with it but now that I'm older it hit me like a brick I broke down at work one day I had no idea what was happening to me people thought I was going crazy and in fact I was all the abuse that had happened to me I was oblivious to it I blocked it all out until now I had to realize this is really happening what do I do I'm hurting so bad and no one be lives me I am all alone and I will never have people in my life again just tell me how do you deal with this

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