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Am i the only one who feels the urge to pee when anxious? Everytime i am about to go out of my house I dread wetting myself and making a fool of myself in public. I dont want this to turn into full blown agoraphobia so will therapy help me? Anyone out there who has tried CBt with positive results? And how do you start talking about mental health with your loved ones? I still find it hard to express the way I am feeling to my family. Hence I feel I have to act a certain way whenever I am interacting with them. Any response is much appreciated.

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Hmm. I've never heard of having the urge to pee when anxious, but anxiety can manifest in our body in so many ways. I've never heard anything negative regarding CBT. You should try it and see if it helps.


Thanks for your reply! :) appreciate it. Will try cbt soon.


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