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Un easy

The month of July was a pretty positive month for me I went to see my cousin. She was awesome and I had a great time with her and her family. I did my best to keep negative thoughts about school and relationships to a minimum. I got my mark for the course I had been taking before I left and I did well. I'm four courses away from completing my certificate program but this are kinda at a break right now cause they were not able to find me a teacher for one of my courses(my part time program closed and I am the last student to finish it). I can take my remaining courses with the full time students but I'm really nervous about that. School has always caused me a lot of anxiety and I'm worried I won't be able to cope. I already have a counsellor at school who is awesome and I've learned a lot from her. She thinks I've made progress since I first started seeing her. I wish I didn't have so much trouble believing in myself.

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What is your certificate for? Congratulatons!


Professional Photography

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That sounds exciting.


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