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Why can’t life be easy?


Ppl always say I should believe in god, but if he rly exists then why did he have to make life so hard? Why can’t everyone have a life where they aren’t constantly questioning themselves?

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Yes I believe in God and I have asked this question. I believe that we are here to learn and grow, and that Christ suffered and told us that in this world we will suffer for a while. This is a fallen world, the world to come will be the ideal that you long for. We are here to learn and to love, and knowing that we all suffer, to reach out and support each other.

Rain203 in reply to Hidden

You might be right... maybe I’ll try going back to religion sometime

Because we are human beings and thus are thinking beings. I would rather be like that than have no emotions and live life programamed like a computer. x

Rain203 in reply to hypercat54

I like that! Is it a quote?

hypercat54 in reply to Rain203

Only by me :) x

Hidden in reply to hypercat54

Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh sista!!! Love, light, peace , joy & hugs!!

Shadow123- in reply to Rain203

Hi thets

I think the saying is " I think, therefore I am " Sorry cant remember who said it - i think an ancient Greek philosopher..... ??

Lakewolf in reply to Shadow123-

Descartes said it.

Everything in my world is exactly as it is meant to be. If it were easy, life would be worthless. Even then things would still be hard, everything is relative to some baseline. Maybe we are living in “easy” and we don’t have a concept of what hard would mean. Acceptance is key. Look for a perspective that makes your difficulties tolerable.

Rain203 in reply to gerg

I hope your right. I’ll try to find a perspective on that

I have found that acceptance, perspective, and humor are key. I love the story about Mr. Rodgers' mother. When things go wrong, look for the helpers. My belief is that God doesn't give us hardships; he gives us help and hope we just have to look for it. My Grammy used to say, "God only gives us what we can handle and he helps us handle what we've been given." I can say this because my life by someone else's perspective would have been awful, but when I look back on it instead of seeing all of the things that were awful, I look for all of the things that went right and made me feel gratitude. But you know what else I've discovered? Without thosthose hardships, I wouldn't have grown or learned the lessons I needed to get through what i am going through now. Without those experiences i would have no point of reference. I maybe wouldn't have the compassion for others that they may need. Honestly, even my therapist can't believe I am as stable as I am for all of the things that have gone on in my life. (I love therapywith the right therapist. Sometimes you have to look a little.) Now, don't get me wrong, I totally have days that I feel sorry for myself and overwhelmed and like I just can't take one more thing. On those days, I am kind to myself. I let myself know that it is ok to be upset and give myself a day to just be sad if that's what it takes AND I remind myself that at the next day I will pull myself up by my bootstraps and kick the world's butt. Then I sing a song...the most upbeat, happy one I can think of & I do it at the top of my lungs. And in case you are wondering, yes, I do literally talk to myself out loud...I'vebeen caught many times. My family and co-workers recognise this and consider me quirky but have yet to offer to take me on an all-expenses paid vacation to rest. Lol. I fully believe that we are here for a reason. There is a lesson we need to learn (that will sometimes keep repeating itself until the lightbulb goes on for us), someone we may need to help or someone who is meant to help us. You never know what a profound impact your life can have on someone else even in a brief encounter. Look for small wins every day: "Today I got up. It could have been worse. I could have wrapped my foot in the blanket & face-planted on the way out. Yay me!" It always reminds me of a book my kids loved when they were little called "Could be worse". Because if being a Mary or Marvin Sunshine doesn't work, you could always look for the ways things could be worse.

Rain203 in reply to Xolos

I honestly don’t know what to say... this might be the first time I feel like I might actually help myself and it’s all thanks to such amazing messages like these

Rain203 in reply to Xolos

The ppl on this app are so supportive and it honestly makes me feel like maybe I’m not all alone

Hi Rain Im Shadow.

Sorry but i dont think anyone should be telling u what to believe - that's up to u darlin.

I say this because however much people " believe" we still choose to live in a world in which religion has caused real evil - sorry to every1 that may be offended- if it works for u then I am really happy for you.

Just look at what we are doing to the planet, people are starving and homeless, crime and drug use on the up and vulnerable people left to get on with it.

For me its all about the universe and i just got to say " Thank God Im not a child! "- what are we leaving them ?

Nice meeting and speaking to u and thanks for sharing.

Shadow x

we have a choice to choose, always. And God gives us the freewill to choose to do it on our own and follow the culture or choose to seek His heart and what He promises on His word. Now, the enemy will always try to distract us and pull us further apart from the truth, because he isn't in hell as many people think, but he is here on earth and that is why its so hard. God wants us to choose Him, to allow Him to renew our hearts but it is only until we wholeheartedly want to. the journey will be hard, again because we will go counterculture and its not easy, but with God it is possible. I would suggest, if I may to look for a Bible teaching church, where the Word of God is taught. Good question by the way, at some point in life, we all ask ourselves that question, and gives us the opportunity to find God :)

Honey, it’s not God that makes life hard.

It’s people...and people have free will—to help, or to harm and hurt.

I can tell you He is real...but you need to find that out for yourself.

I CAN say that He makes life a lot more bearable for those who trust in Him.

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