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Postpartum depression

I had my second baby a yr ago. And you know how you go to the doctors and they ask you several questions about your state of mind after baby?! I was always so ashamed to admit my depression. Now I'm in really deep and every moment of everyday my sad thoughts become even more than yesterday. I don't want to take meds I feel like there's just gonna be a day I wake up and I'm happy. I know exercise is the best remedy but I can't even seem to focus on self care at all. Especially when you're exhausted from being a single mom all day. The last thing I want to do is do something for myself.

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Don't be afraid to get help. I too had postpartum depression. I didn't feel any better until i started going to therapy and got on medication. I thought I was better and got off the medication and things just started going down hill again. I realize I have a problem with depression and anxiety and to be the best mom I can be I need to regularly go to therapy, exercise, and take medication.

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Thanks. Where do I start? Do I have to speak with my pcp first?


I told my gynecologist what was going on. She gave me a listing a counselors. I finally went to one. Stopped going then went back. I realized I needed more than just counseling. I told my doctor what was happening and she prescribed medication. Once I started the medication it was like cloud lifted and I began to feel happy again. I was reluctant to take medication but I realized I had reached the bottom. I was on the meds a few months then made the mistake of thinking I was fine and getting off and stopping counseling. I ended up trying a different counselor who suggested I get back on medication. With the help of this counselor and the medication I feel the most happy and stable I have ever been in my life. I realize now I have always had depression and anxiety and that having a baby just pushed me over the edge. I still have bad days but they are never as bad as they were before I got help.


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