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Bad day

Anxiety sucks you have good and bad days and you never know which is which or when a good day can become a bad one. Today had a full on panic attack I was sure I was having a heart attack. Part of me thinks I have a heart problem. I was fine then I wasn't. How am I supposed to be sure it is anxiety. Gosh no one deserves to go through anxiety it is so underestimated as a mental thing that can be flicked away but it comes with these physical symptoms that don't go away.

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Hi K---7 How about starting your day by telling yourself how great it's gonna be! How we start our day usually determines how that day plays out. If we start off expecting dred... Dred will find us. When your heart begins to race, try taking a deep breath and releasing it as slowly as you can thru your mouth. This can slow down your heart rate a little. I get panic attacks too. I'm finally learning NOT to give into them. I Hope it helps you.

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