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Icy hot feeling and can't breathe

I be been suffering for almost 8 yrs now and it seems like my symptoms are always changing. Just over the last few days I've felt like my whole body is covered with icy hot, chest pains, vertigo, nausea, feels like my sinuses are numb (can't feel air coming in or out), and as I fall asleep its more intense plus it feels like my body shut down. Really weird cause its like a jolt and I feel as if I'm not breathing at all.. Anybody else experience this? I'm losing my mind! These are only a few to my long list of symptoms and still haven't found a med to help me. Already seen just about every doctor around

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Everything you just said I have the same problems. I seen a doctor before and he didn't even feel like prescribing me medication cause he thinks I can fight this battle. Are you stressing out at all??


And just when I was about to fall into a deep sleep last night my heart starts racing and I felt a body rush as well


Off and on but it doesn't seem to make a difference cause even on my good days (days where everything seems fine other then these symptoms) the nights always end up the same. The only thing stressing me out is the fact that whatever this is i have going on is really effecting my life. I lost my job, have to stay with my parents, and can't enjoy life with my children all due to these attacks. However I can say that when I went to the hospital last it showed I'm still having problems with my blood ( mcv, mch, and 2 others) showing I have a type of anemia (which my PcP has known about for yrs) and some symptoms could be by that alone so for 2 days I been taking multi vitamins but even those make me feel bad. I'm gonna try to hold myself together a few more days, hopefully it helps alittle


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