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Has anyone ever experienced this? i can't "feel" my heartbeat

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Greetings guys. I am 25 year old male, experiencing this weird sensation of not feeling my heart beat. About a couple months ago, my heart randomly started to feel faint as if it weren't there. Obviously Its still beating or else, I'd be dead. However, Its been triggering my anxiety very much more these days as I'm fearful of what it could be. I'm used to my heart pounding and listening to it while i fall asleep... But that's no longer the case now. I don't hear my heart at night and it bothers me. Occassionally it will feel normal on random days. But Its affecting my sleep and anxiousness. I recently went to the doctor to get checked and so far only blood was drawn. I have yet to hear the results and the suspense is worrying me. I just want to know what it could be. For the most part, I lead a healthy lifestyle. i work out, eat fruits, drink water, take my vitamins and stay active. So I'm frustrated that im dealing with this. I am also currently taking Buspar (Buspirone) which hasn't made a significant change to my anxiousness. Anyone ever experienced this before?

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I think you are catastrophizing, which means your anxiety is looking for things to latch onto and you are making all of your worries major worries.. Of course, go see your Dr, but I am sure he will say your heart is fine. Then your anxiety will look for something else to focus on.

Hi, I’ve had this before I was experiencing horrendous anxiety and panic attacks to the point it was becoming unbearable. I was feeling the same sensation as you because where prior to the sensation I was or “I thought” my heartbeat was abit fast and I could hear it/feel it I would also watch my chest to see the movement of the heartbeat when I took my mind of it and then later on all of sudden check my heartbeat I would realise that I couldn’t hear it or feel it very much but obviously I was fine but I came to conclusion that because I was always focusing on my heartbeat so much that when it was “normal” it was abnormal to me. I hope that makes sense. You have to focus on something else and find strategies that over take your anxiety and panic attacks I realised that my anxiety and panic attacks was becoming out of control and I neee e help my GP also noticed the signs and put me on citalopram 10mg which for me has made a huge impact on my every day life because it also helps with OCD and part of my anxiety was also convincing myself I had something wrong with me and that I was going to die and apparently that type of thoughts is a trait of OCD. I am also having talking therapy. I’m not saying I want to be on medication forever but most certainly for the moment as it’s hugely benefited me. Please seek help and most importantly talk and talk and then talk some more. You are not on your own. We are stronger than we will ever realise. Hang in theee pal.

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I went through this too! At about age 25 as well. I almost wonder if it’s a stage that we sometimes go through. Like as part of realizing that we are, in fact, mortal beings. That lack of feeling my heart first started for me when I tried weed the first time. That was the beginning. I eventually learned how to deal with the panic and only occasionally have panic attacks. (Maybe less than once per year.) (usually in response to something like a new OTC med or being outside on a really hot day.).

That’s very interesting. Yeah I tried weed for the first time when I was 17 and had the worst panic attack ever. Never did it again

Me neither... never want to feel that again.

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i had the opposite effect... when i tried weed - i noticed my heartbeat!!

in fact - i took my pulse rate!!! i was sitting quietly; and my PR was screaming along at 120! i liked the high feeling... but that freaked me out a little - i felt like i was out of control of my own heartrate.... wasn't thrilled with that.

as for noticing my heartbeat - i can do this anytime of my life... i just have to concentrate - and i can both feel and hear it. i just assumed everyone could do that...

in fact - funny story: just this morning - i was sitting w/ a pad resting on my hand resting in my lap. i noticed a buzzing sort of vibration in one of my fingers - and thought it was certain notes of music coming from the pad...

i later realized - i was feeling the pulse in my thigh - thru my finger - reflected back against the back of the pad!!!!!!

cool huh?!?!?

To me it sounds as if you got used to your palpitations (the conscious feeling/hearing of our heartbeat). Palpitations, although not usually experienced in everyday life, are not life-threatening and are generally accepted as a symptom of anxiety. If you miss your palpitations, you can check your pulse for your heartbeat. The carotid artery on your neck will be the most pronounced. The femoral artery, in your groin, is a tough spot to reach. The radial artery on your wrist is the most common area.

Palpitations generally go away when we are not concentrating on our heart region for whatever reason; working, watching TV, reading a book or playing video games. Exercise, of course, can stimulate palpitations as we usually feel our heart beating. There is nothing abnormal about that. If we concentrate on the heart region, palpitations seem to return. At least for me.

If you're breathing you're alive. Everything else is pure conjecture.

Well what you said is very promising. So far I’m okay. It’s just a weird feeling but I guess I’ll adjust

I agree. If you focus on any part of your body you can make it a trigger point. Heart, leg, head all are mine. When we are distracted or relaxing it doesn't bother us. As long as you have a gp and your heart is fine...try and just think of it as the beating of the ocean. Breathe, drink water, get lots of sleep, exercise and don't watch the news!!

Thank you so much for this advice! I really appreciate it. Gotta keep my body and mind in peace

The sound of your heart beating in your ears is called pulsatile tinnitus. When you have Atrial Fibrilation as I have it’s a blessing to hear your heart beating strong. But on the days it’s quiet that’s good too because it means everything is in order. 👍

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Is that right? Very interesting. I’m glad you shared your input. I’m starting to see what I’m experiencing is quite common.

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