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Thinking like I can't breathe!

Obviously I'm breathing so I'm thinking it not feeling it, it happened while I was driving. I was anxious at work too but then I became stronger then it. So now I just got home. Still uncomfortable but not that bad. Anyone feel this?

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I get the same way at times , and it almost feels like your not getting enough air or oxygen but what it really is I was told is hyperventilating. Basically our breathing pattern changes when anxious. We tend to take more frequent shorter breaths , which throws off our oxygen to carbon dioxide balance which makes it feel like we're starving for air . You need to try and calm down , occupy yourself with something like adult coloring read a book go for a walk or anything . I get like this and like you usually when driving . I get petrified st times that my lungs are just gonna give out . It all started with the heart ❤️ anxiety now it's the lungs . Well all be ok:) occupy the mind :)

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Thank you Jmerrick, I really appreciate your reply.. yeah plus I'm tired from work so that's probably one of the trigger. I just hate it and having to drive home defeated. When I'm anxious or trying to "fight" it, I usually just stay put. Coloring gets me anxious bc I'm picky with the color lol. I could read a book, it usually puts me to sleep. Sigh... I swear it's new every time.


There are relaxation exercises that you can learn to control your breathing as well as finding things to do.

Take care.


Do you know where I can find those ?


Here is a link to one on the NHS website. nhs.uk/Conditions/stress-an...

Also the Shaw Mind Foundation has resources on anxiety and depression that may be of use to you. shawmindfoundation.org/


I start feeling the same way even without the panic attacks..best way to explain it is if ur driving down the road and stick your head out the window, like the blast of air taking ur breath away and it just won't stop. Being in a vehicle is terrifying! I can tell you that I recently went to a specialist, the only in my area, whom does vestibular therapy. Low and behold he found that I have horizontal bppv which could be contributing a great deal to all this. As for trying to work on breathing, my new therapist has gave me a new idea and I've tried it a few times, seems to help a little. Go on youtube, look up mindfulness. A bunch of videos will come up, some for daily relaxing and others for bedtime. Some are just soothing sounds and others talk you through relaxing..give it a try, its growing on me..good luck, I've been suffering for 8 yrs now 😟


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