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loosing it

lately i feel like i dont know who i am. i have given so much to my relationship of 12 years that i feel like there is nothing left to give myself. losing my wife feels like loosing my own life. sometimes i feel like i would rather die than loose her. we have been togther since we were 17 and she is everything to me. i have been dealing with bad depression and anxiety attacks. it feels like to much to deal with and i dont feel like getting out of bed or going to work.im loosing my faith in god im loosing my faith in people. i have never felt this low in my life.

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Am so sorry that you're feeling this way. Do you know what is causing the depression and anxiety? If not, journal your thoughts and try to pinpoint the cause. Talk with a mental health professional and your GP. Are you on meds?

You need to totally overhaul your life and your thinking. Believe that with some personal dedication from yourself, things my friend can get better.

Above all, please retain your faith. God loves you ... pray from the heart and tell Him what you need. Walk with faith, courage, hope and purpose.

God bless.


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