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Good experiences with inpatient and intensive outpatient care

Just looking to hear some positive experiences.

I'm really having a hard time but this app does give me some temporary comfort by reading and responding to you guys. I feel like I do not remember what being normal or happy feels like. My day consist of finding things that provide temporary relief from my physical symptoms (chest tension/ pain). I cannot remember at all what a good day is like. I feel like everyone around me is also sad. I ask a lot of questions to the few people I feel comfortable asking and I worry it brings them down to.

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Hi I've never been to inpatient (managed to convince them I really didn't need it) so accepted the crisis team support instead. I preferred that even to the day hospital. It was better being in your own home. Yes there is a higher level of risk but then the evidence shows coming out of inpatient increases your risk for a few weeks anyway so I figured I may as well work through it now rather than put it off! Some of the staff were really rushed and not much use literally coming in giving me some meds and leaving but others on the team were great. Are people suggesting that you access inpatient!


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