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cant move

how much can i stay in bed, i feel like my brain has been wiped clean. nothing, no happy thought, no joy, nothing to look forward to. i feel very weak, i got up a few times to drink water, i put music on while i am laying in bed. its 3 weeks since my new dr took me off prosac added lithium and raised effexor to 375 from 400. after i called him today and told him how low i feel, he said to increase effexor to 450. i am just staring at the ceiling, with no purpose to get up

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Try and just go walk for 5min or longer. You need get ur self out more or you will end up getting more weak , I was the same as you till I just made my self go to shop , it got me out for little while, u got to try or you will end up making your self more tried by doing nothing , I know it weird but more you do , the more your body won't try shit down , it takes time to get ur self out , I still have days where I want to hide in my bed , just keep pushing ur self as much as u can. U not alone 🤗


Glad to here you've got your music. Even though I know listening to something positive will help, I don't most times. It helps me to talk to a "higher power" to help me move. It may help to visualize yourself walking to complete a small task and even mimicking the motions. You are worthy and cared about.


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