Where do I turn to?

I'm experiencing weight loss due to paracetamol poisoining. My gp says I'm healthy but I know otherwise...... he checked my throat quickly told me it's fine asked about dryness due to hayfever I said no several times got bloods for thyroid and antacid for heart burn... I don't know what to do about weight loss the dryness doesn't seem to be taken care of even when I said drinking water doesn't help. I'm really bloody tired and seriously wanting to lie down and go. I'm hungry and I hurt. I'm suppose to keep going for the next 40 or whatever years like this. I'm thinking of going back and complaining for a specialist to help me through this. Really need help constantly hungry and nothing I eat makes me gain weight! I'm loosing it quite badly. I can barely sleep now I'm usual in bed for 7-8 to sleep and wake up at night then in and out struggling to get comfy at all. I'm shattered today. Don't think my gp gets how serious this is at all! Physically exhausted due to lack of food in mg system I keep trying to eat. But just cones our and didn't even pick up on notes about blood in the stools I have. What do I do? Can I then to ANYONE for help??????

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  • Hi I thought you had done tests to make sure the paracetomol hadn't had any lasting effects. Why can't you believe the doctor when you are told there is no problem there? Why would they lie to you? Or withold the truth? You know rationally this doesn't make sense. If there was a problem they would treat you.

    This sounds much more like your anxiety out of control then anything else. Health anxiety is common so you need to work on this. Are you on meds? Are they helping? If not then maybe a review is needed. Are you having any counselling at the moment?

    Anxiety can cause many symptoms as I am sure you are aware and it sounds like it is rampant at the moment.

    Take a deep breath and try and calm down.

  • I know there isn't a problem with my liver but there's certainly a problem with dryness effecting my eating habits. Even when I am calm my mouth and body is still the same. I went the other day to get help for my issues dryness bowel problem throat tiredness ECT and not much help I've lost weight even thought I am eating food. I forgot to mention weight loss to the doctors..

  • Hi did you know anxiety can cause problems with eating thus leading to weight loss? One of my sisters suffers with GAD and says it feels like there is a lump in her throat when she tries to eat. For many years she could only eat certain foods and had a very limited diet and lost weight.

    She is feeling a bit better now though and is eating more and putting some weight back on.

    I don't understand really what you mean by dryness. If you drink plenty, and I presume you are, then your bowels and other organs will function correctly. If they don't then it is a medical issue.

    Have you been tested for things like vitamin depletion, or diabetes, even over active thyroid? Maybe you need to ask your doctor for these tests. These can cause symptons such as weight loss, anxiety, and a whole host of others.

  • It's not anxiety I'm trying to eat but I can't paracetamol has dried my system up. I'm drinking water but goes right through and I don't feel any hydrated. I'm on laxatives because it wouldn't happen it dies now but I get blood. I got tested for thyroid yesterday so not sure when I get results back..

  • I am glad you have had others tests done. I still don't get it I'm afraid - if tests have shown that the paracetomol od has not left any lasting health issues then I don't get how it could 'dry' your system up. Surely that would mean that it has left you with health problems? What did your doctor say about the dryness?

    Maybe more tests are needed after all to ensure they have not had any lasting effects. Take care.

  • Just said to keep drinking more water doesnt help me and paracetamol is toxic in high doses so that's my guess before I was fine so I know it's paracetamol overdose

  • Well it seems like the doctor is wrong then! Good luck.

  • I'm not sure if sarcasm or genuine comment but either way, thanks I think.

  • Genuine comment Epicjinx. If you think your doctor is wrong you have other options ie see someone else and get them to run further tests. Get a second opinion. But I worry that no matter what a health professional says you won't believe it if you are ok.

    Maybe there is something wrong and it has been missed? But what if another doctor confirms there has been no lasting effects? Will you see a third one and so on? Not being sarky but I just wonder where it will stop? For your benefit.

    I wish you the best though.

  • But the thing is, I'm not ok. My liver is, but alot of issues now. I believe them on my liver being better but I'm physically not ok. I ache alot and before didn't have this issue and now everything is dry and nothing is done about it which is worrying to me. Especially weight loss. He doesn't seem concerned as I'm getting tired physically

  • epicjinx... I've went through something similar to you, I lost 23bls (pounds) of weight in just 3 weeks, it scared me big time and I feared the worst! I used to be a healthy guy, going gym two to three times a week eating well and so on... But one day I started to have chest pains feeling like I was having a minor stroke, after heading into the A&E had tests done all came back clear but the pain was still there. My GP told me to take pain killers which didn't help, but two weeks after all.this I wasn't sleeping just couldn't sleep for the life of me, then I was feeling very fatigue, I notice change in my stools and urine, I was constantly thirsty my mouth and throat was dry I was drinking 2/3 litters of water daily believe it or not, but it's true I kept going for a wee much more then before, and everyday I was loosing weight and I was eating! I went back to my GP and told him about my symptoms, he believed it all be be Anxiety, even I didn't believe it to be I felt it was something else that's wrong with my body! He wanted to give me antidepressants but I refused it, I beggd him for more tests and a scan. Which he did put me through blood works to be done Then 3 weeks after to have a ultrasound to be done.

    any ways... Everything came back clear, don't get me wrong I'm happy that it all did, but it didn't explain the drastic measures of my weight loss! So i went back to my GP and asked him what are reasons for this weight loss, he couldn't really explain so he said to change my diet and give it two weeks and keep a record of my weight.

    I've kept a record of my weight and food taking pictures of everything I've been eating and a record of my urine and stools to!

    I've developed a Health Anxiety as well a depression from all of this. It's been two months now, my weight loss had stopped dropping and I've only gained 5bls (pounds) back in the last 8 days. I've also started CBT therapy which I'll be gong once a week for plus trying to stay positive even though my mind wonders a lot.

    i know it's hard at the moment what your going through and your finding it difficult to trust your GP but my advise is and some of the comments left here have mentioned get a second opinion, make notes of your symptoms including your weight loss and address it to you GP, ask for a full blood works to be done and if need be ask for a scan to?

    hopefully this can ease your mind a little?

    i wish you all the better and one more thing don't push people away, talk to your family and friends that your close to. And don't be a stranger on here your not alone. Everyone's different so our symptoms might not be the same but we've all gone through some hard tim

    can i ask how much weight have you lost and in what length of time was it?

    take care

  • When I was in the hospital in June I was six and a half stone when I weight at my grans it says I'm six stone 9 or something but I know for a fact I've lost weight. I think I'm about maybe 5/6 stone now. When I phoned he didn't concern over my weight loss but I certainly did! I'm trying to eat much as I can but still loosing weight somehow.

  • My thyroid is being tested and also tested for a certain bug in the belly too. Then go from there apparently.

  • Doesn't ever hurt to get a second opinion or go to a specialist.

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