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doing better

doing better

Han Solo is doing okay, so I'm feeling relieved. His wounds are looking well, don't look like they are infected. They don't seem to be bothering him at all. Happy, playful pup... He's going to be so sad when we go home Saturday (it's Thurs night here). We got some good news from Betsey's (our cat) vet, she's 100% better. December 2015 we discovered she had diabetes. She went into remission (cats can be cured of diabetes, if you fix their diet, do the insulin) almost a year ago. She was on B12 shots, since her levels dropped when she became ill. She recently went in for her 6 month checkup & no more B12 shots are needed.😺 You never would have known she had diabetes. I'm super happy.

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It's Thursday mid morning hear, and you made my day for the rest of the day. Great wonderful photos of bouncing big young dogs and kitty and Hans are both well. Am happy for you and me....thanks for letting me know. xoxo


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