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Support needed


I've been having a rough time lately. I went inpatient for 3 days and then went through intensive outpatient therapy for a month and a half. I'm still struggling so much even with suicidal thoughts. I'm hoping this support group will help me out.

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Hello, we're here.....sofas, chairs, stools, bubba chairs, beach towels.....all over the world. Just choose one to sit on and get comfortable. Now, how can we help today?

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I just feel like nothing is working to help me. I've went to the hospital, gotten on meds, went to so much therapy, read books on my conditions, done activity books for anxiety and depression and still I am having such a touchy time. Going as far as having passing thoughts of suicide. No intent or plans... I just don't think I'll ever get better

Do you have any friends you can talk with in addition to therapy?

I have been going through rough times lately myself.

I HAVE had some good times in my life mainly when I was still working.

I am in the process of starting yet another anti-depressant and having a tough time with some side effects that my Dr told me would go away in a week.

You are NOT alone at all!

We are all here to get help to help others.

I have been part of this community for awhile now and, it has helped me to share my problems and get understanding feedback.

It also helps me to be able to help others.

I'm not always here, but I try to get here as often as possible.

I have currently just started a different type of support group, that deals with the relationship with yourself and, even though it's very heavy stuff, I think it's where I need to be right now.

As much as I don't want to, I think in order to get past my issues, I need to go through this heavy stuff and I hope I will come out better at the other end of this work.

Keep coming back and someone will be here for you.

I wish I could help more, but I'm going through a tough time myself right now.

Hugs and I hope to see you here again,


I really appreciate your post! It really means a lot to me. I've already been feeling better with the support. I have my best friend but I can't unload everything on her. My other friends abandoned me when I was really depressed and in inpatient. :(

I can relate a bit to THOSE kinds of friends. The ones that just disappear when you need them most.

It is good that you have a best friend, but I hear you about not wanting to burden just one person with your problems.

Have you considered feeling out a support group?

There are a LOT out there that are free.

Look up Self-Help groups to see what is on your area.

I found a new one looking through You might want to check that out too.

Plus, you will always have this site and all of us here, when you need support.

Hugs and good luck,


I just found this support group. Just reading that other people are going through some of the same things and feelings has been helping me. I have been struggling really hard with my issues for the past year. If I had known it was depression and anxiety early on and had found something like this group I don't think I would be as bad off as I have been lately.. Keep fighting, talking and reaching out. Remember you aren't alone in this.

you aren't alone either! I feel like this group will really help a lot of people.


How long ago were you in the hospital and had all that intensive therapy after you were released.....fairly recently? Feeling a bit over doctored at the moment and need to get your footing? I remember that feeling. Sometimes just good to take what meds you have been Rx, eat, shower, sleep when you can and catch your breath. Some days we get the bear and some days the bear gets us.......but we need a little down time just to see where in the he** the bear is. Welcome.

I'm on ship in the Caribbean and it's midnight and the wi fi is irregular now. But some folks in Australia should be getting up soon, and there are several dudes in London who often are up at 4 a.m. (London time now).....and people on the west coast of the US who are watching TV as it's about 9 pm there. Just trying to tell you there are always people somewhere in the world who are reading posts and replying at any time of the day and night, We're here.......but I must go now and others will be there for you. :)

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Thank you for your reply! It was very recently that I got out of my intensive therapy and the hospital. I am taking my meds and going to one on one therapy:

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Ok, for the moment, you are having a lot of adjusting just being out of the hospital and intensive therapy. Good that you're taking your meds and keeping the one on one therapy sessions. It's one foot in front of the other right now. You had structure placed on you in the hospital and in intensive therapy, and now you don't have may be in a bit of a shock of "what am I suppose to be doing now" and "what's this all about now after all doctors, mental health scheduled sessions and the medicine".....why isn't everything better and why do I feel like what the ???????.

Well, believe this is normal for you to be feeling this way right now. The meds take time to help, but we are here to listen to you as you go through this time.

Didn't I assure you that someone somewhere in this world was always ready the posts and sending replies? And there they were....from all over the world. I have to go now off line. But I'm here too.

Exercise really helped me. In the beginning I didn't feel like doing it, but in the beginning I didn't feel like doing anything. You do have to push yourself. Believe me I know it's hard. You've got my support.

Exercise really helped me. In the beginning I didn't feel like doing it, but in the beginning I didn't feel like doing anything. You do have to push yourself. Believe me I know it's hard. You've got my support.

You're doing a great job reaching out: that takes courage. I just joined yesterday and am already comforted reading about others who get it. It sounds like you're on the right track, doing what you have to do to get through it. You're in that rough spot right now where you just have to wait for the storm to pass, and it feels interminable. But it will pass, I promise you, it always does eventually. Remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself credit for having had the strength to survive. One day you'll feel better and this pain will be a fading memory. Take care.

I agree 100% with YESIICAN. While it may take a few days for you to notice a change any sort of physical activity will force you to work on your breathing which is a big key in dealing with anxiety. Also what helped ease my mind while running is continuously counting your steps. 1, 2, 3 breath, 1, 2, 3 breath.. Exercising also releases chemicals in your brain that typically those who suffer from anxiety or depression do not produce as much as those who do not. Plus if you keep at it you will end up feeling better about your heath and the way you look.. Hope this helps, keep your head up.

Try to find one positive thing each day and focus on that. Even small accomplishments mean you are moving forward - reward yourself.


Been going through " Severe Panic / anxiety attacks since 1995, I have actually learned to some what control them with my BREATHING...

this past year, Jan 8 -16 found my mom, by myself... she had a heart attack..

( Mom & best friend) then March 2-16 my Sister Donna passed with

Colon cancer, in May 31-16 my Mother in law.. it's been a very long hard road, I miss my MOM, so very bad.... but I know ONE DAY I WILL SEE MOM & DAD ( everyone) so I been there, with hoping to die today... planning ways to kill my self, but FINALLY after 17 months, I'm not having those thoughts of SUICIDE NOW...




TRY NOT TO ISOLATE YOURSELF... ( I know that's hard not to do )


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Thank you!!


I also have major depression & Ptsd... I take ONE DAY AT A TIME, AND I DO HAVE TO WORK ON ALL OF IT DAILY.

This really is a great community. The feedback is so genuine and sincere from like minded people like us. Keep reading the post and take heart that you are not suffering alone. Depression/ anxiety really is something you deal with one day at a time. It's so easy to allow this illness to consume your every thought. That's how it's been for me. I also get thoughts of suicide and loneliness in my case only amplifies those thoughts. I'm going through a dark time myself, not enough sleep and intense morning anxiety.

Also exercise does help a lot. I ride a bike, not as often as I should, but it absolutely makes me feel better. Just hang in there. I know easier said than done but you will get through this.

I have suffered from MDD and anxiety for many years. I take meds and see my Psychiatrist every 3 months. I have to say that since I started walking and doing yoga, my depression is so much better. I am overweight, a lot overweight and it is a challenge and I fought exercising for years, but I am truly amazed at how much it helps. Oh and I am 62.

I really hope I find some peace in those programs. I've done out patient but I really feel it's time for an inpatient program for me.

Sometimes inpatient is the best for you even tho we don't want to do it sometimes. They can adjust meds quickly and monitor you closely

I'm hear to listen if you need support. Feel free to message me any time. I really don't have a lot to do during the day so I'm on here a lot since I just learned about it.

I'm sorry you feel that way. I know it's hard but just take things one step at a time, you'll make it through. If things do look up right away don't be discouraged, things will get better.

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