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Be tough

I am an anxiety and depression sufferer for almost 5 years now. I have my ups and downs. I have been on my medications and everything seems to be doing fine. For the past 3 days I am having high fever, feeling nauseas and all. Then I hit my lowest point again. I hope all the negative thoughts and emotions will go away and all will be back to how it was again. I have to be tough for my family. We all have to be tough. We CAN overcome this and take back our lives!!

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Yes we can! Well said and I hope you feel better soon.


hope you feel better soon im sure things can get better. we all have our highs and lows just take time effort and patience.


Yes we can. Whenever I have the flu I hit an extreme low and become a very angry person. I tend to start arguments a lot. I try to keep it in but it doesn't always happen. Feel better soon.


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