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The Recent Battle of Fear

Some of the worst anxiety I have faced was last year to the early months of this year. I experienced 2-4+ panic attacks every day. It was a nightmare. Every symptom I felt, I knew for sure that I was going to die. A fear that grew stronger everyday. Not to mention, the millions of horrible sensations I felt, such as, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, a rush of nervousness & adrenaline, tight arms, heavy legs, shakiness, and everything in between. It got to the point where I felt depressed and I was so tired of battling this constant fear. But I kept going and told myself that I can and will be "normal" again. It's just going to take time, and a lot of it. I am in it like everyone else, just trying to find ways to cope, so I thank God for being by my side when I needed strength.

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Inom, sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Do you have a therapist? I do and I find talking to someone you trust can help a lot . I have OCD, anxiety and depression. Are you on meds? Tell your Doctor about this. Time does heal. I will pray for you.



I realize it is very difficult to think long-term when you do not feel well,

but I am going to ask you to do just that. I am going to ask you to think

beyond the treatment which you might be receiving from a conventional M.D.

(which may well involve treatment with drugs like anti-depressants,

benzodiazepenes, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers), to the Big Picture.

Like you, I at one time had very severe depression and anxiety, and at one

point had a terrifying panic attack. The eventual solution to my mental-health

problems did not come from an MD; in fact, MDs were more of a problem than a

solution. The solution to my problem took about 21 years to realize, but

things don't have to take that long; they only take that long when the patient

has to find the solution themselves.

I will ask you to recognize some basic principles:

1) Do not believe MDs, other than the renegades. Those renegades include

people like David Perlmutter, Mark Hyman, Kent Holtorf.

2) There are a few Naturopaths, Pharmacists, and other 'alternative' healthcare

types who know what they are doing. People like Izabella Wentz and Tom

O'Bryan, whom you will find on Youtube.

3) Mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and panic attack, can

be caused by toxic foods in combination with nutritional deficiencies. When

toxins cause endocrine collapse, that collapse can lead to the classic

symptoms of depression and anxiety. Do not automatically assume that you

have "genetic problems", even if your parents had similar problems.

4) Most American corporations are out to make your food so cheaply, that

you cannot maintain your health on it.

5) Many Americans are deficient in basic nutritional substances. A doctor

who tells you nutritional substances are a waste of your time, is probably

a quack, esp. if the doctor isn't willing to test you for deficiencies.

6) American fossil-fuel and chemical corporations are out to terminate the


7) Cheap refined carbs (and esp. gluten) are some of the most dangerous foods

you can use.

8) Only a small number of US MDs understand that most Big Pharma drugs don't

work because they are foreign to human body chemistry.

9) Few US MDs know how to do hormone therapy properly. This is esp.

true for patients whose Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal-Thyroid axis is

collapsing from bad food and chemical pollution.

10) The only food you can trust is what you raise yourself, which is not

possible for most people.

11) A substantial proportion of Americans would rather go to their grave,

than a gym. While you are trying to find a solution to your mental-health

problems, vigorous exercise will give you a respite from feeling like hell.


What happened in my specific case illustrates the above pointers. I had

gluten intolerance when I was born (and I later realized it came from my

mother’s side of the family, given my mother’s health history). When I

was a teenager, and into my late 30s, I had fleeting symptoms indicating

ongoing destruction, yet no MD knew what they meant. During this period,

gluten (along with a few other foods, and growing up in a very polluted

environment) was launching Hashimoto’s autoimmunity that reduced my thyroid

function, and degrading my gut (gluten enteropathy) such that I was not

absorbing nutrients, and especially amino acids from protein foods. This

resulted in a deteriorating mental state in my early 40s, followed by a

terrifying anxiety/panic/depressive attack at age 45. It took an astounding

12 years to find out that gluten is my kryptonite, and I had to go to a

Naturopath for that diagnosis. After diagnosis, it took another 9 years

to reach a state where I really felt well; the final step was learning how

to bypass my damaged protein/amino acid metabolism, by using free amino

acids. The key takeaways from this long period of illness are: you cannot

have good mental function when you have hypo function of your thyroid and

adrenals; you cannot have good mental function when you have hypoproteinemia;

and treatment with BigPharma drugs like anti-depressants, mood stabilizers,

and anti-psychotics will NEVER make you feel well.


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