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Does anxiety make anyone afraid to move like me? I sometimes have palpitations but heart tests show normal rhythm even when they occur. However they still freeze me into immobility. How do you deal with it? Just kick yourself in the butt and keep moving? Seems so hard for me to do.

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Hi, I used to have anxiety attacks and palpitations/pain in the heart area. The thing that helps me is to just slow down my breath and focus on it. Or to say a repetitive prayer. When I feel a bit better I go onto youtube and try to do a guided meditation on loving kindness or a hypnosis for peace for 15 to 20 mins and this usually helps calm me down. Then I try to have a shower and some tea etc. This gets me going for sometime atleast. Do try it. Hope it helps.

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Thanks so much. I’m glad I’m not alone! I’m trying to do a very gentle yoga routine right now. I guess I kicked myself in the butt. Will try your other suggestions.

However, Besides FEAR Being One Of The BIGGEST Enemies Of Mankind. It Walks Hand In Hand With Another Brother Called "Dread". Kicking One's Self In The Butt So To Speak Means There's A Form Of Dread. Do What You Have To Do By Taking A Bite Of The Apple At A Time. To FORCE Yourself Is Setting Yourself Up To Have Anxiety. [ trying to swallow the whole apple at once & choking on it ].

Think ? Just Because Others Jump On Things Doesn't Make You Any Less Than They Are ? You Just Do Things Differently. No Two People In This World Are Alike. Chill, Do A Little At A Time. If You Get It All Done ? Fine. If Not ? Fine Too. You Made Progress & Now You Have Much Less To Do To Finish The Apple... [ and remember. the fear and dread of something triggers our minds to dump some adrenaline. therefore, the heart ect..... it's real, but it's adrenaline doing it.... our real enemy is fear ]


Thank you so much. I’m so out of shape I don’t dare do to much!!! But I am doing a little gentle yoga today. I used to be really good at it but let it lapse. Also I sat and did a little spinning at my wheel. You have to pay attention or you mess up. Gets my mind off myself for a while. I won’t push myself I promise just a little something every day if I can. 🙏

BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE. Inhale 4 count and hold 3 count exhale 4 count. Allow urself to sit and breathe and it begins to pass. You need to tell urself over and over that this will not last it will pass soon and then i will be fine. Do not push urself to get up. Simply sit and breathe till relaxed. If your willing i would see a dr about medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy works great for anxiety.

I did do some breathing with my yoga. It helps for a little while. I am seeing a new therapist on Monday

Hopefully I won’t fall apart completely before that

You have to breathe deep from the diaphragm. You cannot give up if it you think it isnt working fast enuff. It takes practice.

Prana breathing involves closing one nostril inhaling long and slow then closing the inhale nostril and exhaling long and slow through the other. I think it’s a variation of what you are talking about. But I’ll try yours next time!👍

Hi! I tried your breathing. It does help. I’ve done it off and on all afternoon and am somehow getting through this long afternoon. Thank you. I know I prattle on but it’s one way I my anxiety comes out brcause here at least people understand.

Great to hear you are feeling some relief. If you have a smart phone look for an app for relaxation. You want someone be speaking you almost into a hypnosis state. You will need a very quiet and sim lit room. Lie on your bed or something comfortable. Then listen. I would try this at least in morning and before bed.

Do you know any good apps. There are so many out there!

Do u use google play or itunes

I tunes

Let me look and I'll message u.

I found a good one. Headspace app. You would like their app.

Thanks i will. How is the breathing going?

It’s helping. It’s part of the Headspace app and their meditation practice

Yes I feel the same. I can't move at times due to my anxiety. It takes over and my chest tightens and I feel like my heart us pounding so fast and I'm shaking.

My mind freezes in the awful position and I just sit there watching the clock tick.

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Mitzie I get exactly the same feeling at the moment I am on my settee where I have been since 4am it is now nearly 7-30 am I am trembling feel sick can’t stop crying my whole body is in panic mode,I feel I am getting worse even though I have been on medication for 5 days today I hope you start to feel better it is a horrible thing to have but this site is our friend and lifeline.

Yes. Keep moving even though you are afraid. It will get easier over time.

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