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Lost and alone

Lost and alone

New to Texas and having a hard time managing my ptsd, bipolar and my night terrors without my groups and my meds and all the other things that helped make it manageable for me. Starting to feel desperate and hopeless, as I am running in to a lot of negatively. I am looking for any and all of the information on how and where to seek help and continued treatment. I am far away from anyone I know, and truly am alone in every sense of the word. Any advice?

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I had a really hard time with a move I made to a new state a few years ago. It's possible your old groups or therapist might have connections with new ones near you--might be worth looking into. If you're religious at all, you might be able to find a church community that helps you feel at home in your new area. They might also know about emotional health resources available in the area. Good luck!

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Thank you


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