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[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

[OFF TOPIC] My Crash

I managed to get my tracking company to send me the radar of my crash and when it happened. Just looking at it and the speed I was going at impact (67mph), it amazes me that I survived, let alone walked away and didn't even go hospital for a month... not a smart move I know.

I have had to crop out some details as it includes confidential information but from what I can show you can see, as I turn into the road, the first yellow marking is where I see the car swerve into my lane.. just after that, I slam my bike to the left but due to it being a 70mph road and both of us doing that speed, an impact was inevitable. Where the green marks are is where the impact happened at a combined speed of 114mph causing my bike and myself to get thrown to the left and it seeming my bike did a cartwheel as well... new feature for the spec list then, the bike can do acrobatics!

Somehow I came out uninjured and so did the bike (sort of!).

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There is something to be said about "It wasn't your time." Amazing, and there is a reason, a purpose that you survived, that reason may not be clear now.. I don't believe in coincidences.


Definitely was not my time! I wonder what that reason is.

Reply makes interesting turns and twists. You're too young to be patient because you can't see very far into the future. You need an answer now. Perhaps you will stumble onto a "now answer" which will suffice for the time being and turns into one of those remarkable twists or turns.

Many of us would never have dreamed how our lives would take us when we were 19 or 20. :)


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