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hi i'm new here and i was just reading some of the post about anxiety disorders and panic attacks, while i was reading i said to myself "that's just like me", wow it's good to see that someone understand what i'm going through. Its been so hard to explain to others what is really going on with you, i'm just trying to find some suggestions on how to cope with this.

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  • We are all different yet amazing all the SAME in our symptoms. I find being distracted or busy with something stops me from being in my head and anxious. Or, there is always Ativan as a last resort. Good luck.

  • Welcome! You'll be amazed to see just how many people either feel what you feel, or have felt it before. This is a wonderful group of people. And we're all eager to help anyway that we can!

  • thanks" lovedovey" and "rideronthestorm", . i find that some distraction will help but sometimes i'm all in my head for no reason and that don't help, i've done the coloring therapy, i've the reading, ive done the writing in my book also, but sometimes that just don't help, and yes we are all different. Im on medication i take it before bed otherwise it upset my stomach. i'm not the one who like to take all different kind of meds. that make me drowsy and sluggish that stress me out more. I would like to know if anyone has used all natural healing methods that might work well?

  • For years I struggled with what you're dealing with. I take Ativan and a couple of other medicines. But you asked for all-natural methods so I'll give you that. I find that going on walks that are fast-paced does wonders for getting out of my head. I also had a binder where I would write down any negative or anxiety-provoking thoughts and then correct them. You're on the right path towards healing.

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