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Hello, I'm new here..

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I honestly dont really know what to do anymore. I have just been feeling very alone and overwhelmed. I've been trying to find medications that work for me but its been a struggle. I guess I am just hoping to talk to people who are going through something similar.

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Hi. Your in the right place. Ive lost count of the number of meds I've tried. I'm currently on max dose venfalaxine and trying a tricyclic. It can be really disheartening just shovelling meds and nothing helping. Hold on to the hope that the next one will work.

I know your struggle through my son's struggle to find a drug that works for his depression. He's tried every possible drug in the last few years and nothing seems to work. He tried ECT and that didn't work. All that's left is the magnetic treatment.

He lives with me at age 36 because his depression is so bad he can't live on his own. He hasn't finished college and can't hold a job. His life is on hold until he finishes college and can hold a job. So his life is suspended until he can find a treatment for his very bad depression.

It's a rotten hand you're dealt to have this struggle, especially when there are so very many drugs to try, in so many different categories. Something is bound to work for you soon.

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Welcome to the forums, it's such a great place with so many like Minded people! I'm sure you will find some comfort and help here! Sometimes it can take quite a while to find the right medication. Be patient, anxiety is a marathon not a sprint!

I'm new here too. Do you mind me asking what you've tried so far?

I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, and welbutrin for the anxiety. I struggle with insomnia too, so different sleep meds have kinda added on to that overwhelming feeling i guess. I have recently switched doctors though, and am starting prozac. I just need something to work.

I was, am, worried about being on so many meds. My Dr just scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist that deals with meds specifically for these disorders. I'm excited to see what she says. I get that I need something for depression, but the Xanax is what seems to make the difference. On the other hand it's very addicting and I feel like one for depression and one for anxiety should be enough. The effexcir is for both, so maybe she can just up that. The Xanax gives me a great calm so I don't have to have so much social anxiety, but I'm starting to think maybe clonopin would be less like popping candy and last through out the day. I hope you find the right combination. My family Dr even said he's a jack of all trades and adding a psychiatrist that deals with meds would probably be a better fit. I'll definitely keep you updated on it. They also just diagnosed me with fatigue and ptsd due to domestic violence, so I'm hoping I'm not put on anything to drastic. Definitely talk to your doc about a medical psychiatrist, who deals with this stuff. Sometimes family Drs just push what the insurance companies want them too or just try a combo of stuff hoping it will work lol next thing you know, you're on 10 different things😐

I totally feel you, like i said I'm just now starting prozac and hopefully that works. I got so overwhelmed with trying a new med almost every month that I stopped taking them for a couple months, other than klonopin as needed to get me through. I was actually seeing a psychiatrist, but just switched to a better one. I found out from some friends that they had issues with the person I was seeing before, so hopefully this works out better. I hope you have a good experience with your psychiatrist, it can be very helpful. I've been worried about the addicting aspects of klonopin so i know how you feel about the xanax. Thats why i need a better solution for the long term. Its just really hard trying to find the right one and I had a bad experience with a couple of those other drugs. For me at least the klonopin lasts a while, but ive never tried xanax.

Xanax definitely helps with insomnia too.

I'm new here too. I hope you are able to find the Rx/therapy you need. And meanwhile, maybe it helps to know you're not alone?

You are not alone!! Medicine takes time, trial and error. Every morning, think about all you have to be thankful for, I know it's hard. I have PTSD from childhood trauma, moderate depression most of my life, chronic pain every day, all day, neuropathy, and a back that's awful. I'm here, holler any time you want to. I get it and won't judge. Hugs!

Hi and welcome Samanajo. I am also new! I think you are doing just the right thing. We all need other people, especially for the hard stuff in life, and I find sharing joyful, interesting, and healing. It is so good to talk to you about what's going on. Please hang in there, and let's stay in touch!

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