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Anxiety,OCD,Depression feeling overwhelmed


My name is Nikki,I'm 33 married mom of 4. I have suffered for years from anxiety,depression and OCD I use to be able to control it on my own. Over the last 4 years since I had my youngest child I have stopped being able to control it. I have a ton of triggers some I know what they are others I do not. My anxiety manifests its self into me being frustrated, scared,worried all the time. Once I have a thought enter my mind my OCD takes hold and it repeats in my head over and over then it causes the issues of me not sleeping well or having dreams about those thoughts. I've also had a really hard time in communicating my thoughts and feelings because whenever over tried to get them out I've always been told they either don't care or I need to just get over it so after being told that consistently I've just kept them bottled up which makes things a lot worse. This is my first time being a part of a group so if anyone has any thought or suggestions I'm all ears.

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I think it's good that you let them out and find someone who won't judge you . For those who don't understand anxiety , our worries and thoughts seem non sensical and even ridiculous . I've been told to write things down and journal them . What has helped me is a podcast called the anxietycoachespodcast - a free podcast /radio program that is free on iTunes with all sorts of insightful information and group support about understanding and overcoming our anxiety. You are not alone and from someone who suffered being alone, going outside and even grocery shoooing due to social anxiety .. it does get better and easier to manage cope and feel freedom from this painful illness .

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Thank you and I will look into that

Hi Nikki I am also a mother and 30 I have had the same problem with the thoughts repeating over and over. In fact they still come, but I've learned to accept them took me 8 months of meditation, and accepting them as just thoughts not a reflection. It's great you have kids, I would at the end of the day compare these thoughts to the truth of me playing with them cuddling them and feeling our love we share, and see these thoughts are not true they feel true, but they're not they create a separation from the truth. I am also new to this group too. I hope this helps and If you ever want to talk about this send me a message. Have a beautiful day. Oh I also live in Texas too lol

Thank you for your reply, I use to be really great at controlling the unruly thoughts and my frustration and fears but as the years have went by it has became much more difficult. I am starting to push everyone away and its rough on my relationships with everyone

Don't control care don't try to cure care for yourself

Maybe one day I can get to that point..

I had a visit with my doctor last night and she put me on a medication that will treat my depression OCD and anxiety and also recommended for me to start taking vitamins so I bought the vitamans this morning and will begin taking my rx tonight

You are loved :) and worth every penny :)

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