Hi everyone! I'm in a bad way. I've been very depressed for about a week now. Not sleeping well at all. Lots of anxiety. Have had some pretty dark thoughts last few days. I am buried financially and haven't paid my rent thus month. Have a lot of debt and have terrible credit. So strapped for cash I'm afraid I'll lose everything. Also have ocd and my intrusive thoughts won't leave me alone.

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  • I do sympathise with you as I have all you have except the debt. Do you think the debt is making your depression, anxiety, OCD worse?

  • Yes. It's ruining my life

  • Is it possible to get help with a debt management team? A friend of mine did that and they helped him get out of debt of £100,000 in only 8 years

  • Do you live in the UK?

  • I live in Canada. Most of my debts are personal loans.

  • Oh right. Do you not have anything like that in Canada?

  • Yes. I have used them before but they can't help with debt I owe to family and friends.

  • Oh I see. Well I hope you can get help with your depression, anxiety and OCD as you sound very down.

    Please keep us informed on your progress as we all care about you.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Bird-67! I will!

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